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Moving Loops


Moving Loops by Badlands Sound features 100+ sounds of different objects that rustle, rattle, or shake that is 30 seconds long and loopable.

This library is great for creating textures or adding additional sounds to earthquakes or things moving around inside a vehicle at high speeds.

These sounds were recorded in 96k / 24 Bit using professional equipment including Sennheiser microphones and Sound Devices 702t. The processing for this library is very minimal, only including De-Noise and minor EQ.

Licensor: Badlands Sound
Category: .
Type: Rattle sound effects / recordings
Specs: 100 files • 100+ sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 849 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
1.Moving Loops, Backpack Rustle With Items Shaking Around, Loopable (0:30)
2.Moving Loops, Bag of Chocolate Chips, Loopable (0:30)
3.Moving Loops, BDU, Combat Clothing, Loopable (0:30)
4.Moving Loops, Belt Buckle, Loopable (0:30)
5.Moving Loops, Bowls, Loopable (0:30)
6.Moving Loops, Branch Shaking Back and Forth, Loopable (0:30)
7.Moving Loops, Car Keys, Loopable (0:30)
8.Moving Loops, Chocolate Bar Wrapper, Loopable (0:30)
9.Moving Loops, Clicky Keyboard, Loopable (0:30)
10.Moving Loops, Cloth Jacket, Loopable (0:30)
11.Moving Loops, Corn Starch Inside Pillow Case, Snow, Loopable (0:30)
12.Moving Loops, Couple Plastic Coat Hangers, Loopable (0:30)
13.Moving Loops, Cranker Bait, Loopable (0:30)
14.Moving Loops, Dog Food Bag, Loopable (0:30)
15.Moving Loops, Dog Treat Bag, Loopable (0:30)
16.Moving Loops, Envelops, Loopable (0:30)
17.Moving Loops, Fake Plants, Leaves Shaking, Loopable (0:30)
18.Moving Loops, Fake Tall Grass, Loopable (0:30)
19.Moving Loops, Fastfood Wrapper, Loopable (0:30)
20.Moving Loops, Few Plastic Coat Hangers, Loopable (0:30)
21.Moving Loops, Fishing Accessories Inside Metal Tackle Box, Loopable (0:30)
22.Moving Loops, Fishing Bobbers Shaking In Plastic Package, Loopable (0:30)
23.Moving Loops, Fishing Saftey Snaps, Loopable (0:30)
24.Moving Loops, Frozen Blue Berry Bag, Loopable (0:30)
25.Moving Loops, Full Paper Fast Food Bag, Loopable (0:30)
26.Moving Loops, Full Pork Rind Bag, Loopable (0:30)
27.Moving Loops, Gym Bag, Loopable (0:30)
28.Moving Loops, Ice Swirling Around In Fast Food Cup, Loopable (0:30)
29.Moving Loops, Items In Plastic Bucket, Loopable (0:30)
30.Moving Loops, Jeans, Loopable (0:30)
31.Moving Loops, Laptop Cloth Carrying Case, Loopable (0:30)
32.Moving Loops, Large Items, Metal Tackle Box, Metal Bucket, Plastic Bucket, Loopable (0:30)
33.Moving Loops, Large Plastic Packaging, Loopable (0:30)
34.Moving Loops, Large Plastic Shopping Bag, Loopable (0:30)
35.Moving Loops, Large Plastic Tool Box, Tools subtle Rattle Inside, Loopable (0:30)
36.Moving Loops, Large Thick Fabric, Pillow Case, Loopable (0:30)
37.Moving Loops, Large Winter Jacket, Loopable (0:30)
38.Moving Loops, Leather Winter Hat, Loopable (0:30)
39.Moving Loops, LEGO Pieces In Plastic Bucket, Loopable (0:30)
40.Moving Loops, Long LEGO Pieces Shuffling Around, Loopable (0:30)
41.Moving Loops, MacBook Pro Laptop, Loopable (0:30)
42.Moving Loops, Many Plastic Coat Hangers, Loopable (0:30)
43.Moving Loops, Mason Jars Rattling, Loopable (0:30)
44.Moving Loops, Metal Bucket Handle, Loopable (0:30)
45.Moving Loops, Metal Bucket On Metal Workbench, Loopable (0:30)
46.Moving Loops, Metal Fishing Tackle Box, Loopable (0:30)
47.Moving Loops, Metal Shelves Shaking On Carpet, Loopable (0:30)
48.Moving Loops, Metal Tool Box, Loopable (0:30)
49.Moving Loops, Microphone Rain Cover, Loopable (0:30)
50.Moving Loops, Multiple Metal Shelves Shaking, Loopable (0:30)
51.Moving Loops, Napkin, Loopable (0:30)
52.Moving Loops, Package of Almonds, Loopable (0:30)
53.Moving Loops, Paper Check, Loopable (0:30)
54.Moving Loops, Paper Packaging Rustle, Loopable (0:30)
55.Moving Loops, Paper Packaging Subtle Rustling, Looapble (0:30)
56.Moving Loops, Paper Towel, Loopable (0:30)
57.Moving Loops, Papertowl Bag, Loopable (0:30)
58.Moving Loops, Plastic Packaging Rustle, Loopable (0:30)
59.Moving Loops, Plastic Packaging Subtle Rustling, Looapble (0:30)
60.Moving Loops, Plastic Ware Moving Around In Plastic Tray, Loopable (0:30)
61.Moving Loops, Plastic Ware, Loopable (0:30)
62.Moving Loops, Plastic Water Pouch, Loopable (0:30)
63.Moving Loops, Plates, Loopable (0:30)
64.Moving Loops, Post Card, Loopable (0:30)
65.Moving Loops, Printer Paper, Loopable (0:30)
66.Moving Loops, Rolling Around Large Paper Ball, Loopable (0:30)
67.Moving Loops, Set of Car Keys, Small Movements, Subtle, Loopable (0:30)
68.Moving Loops, Shaking Cardboard Pieces Back and Forth, Loopable (0:30)
69.Moving Loops, Shelves Inside Metal Tackle Box, Loopable (0:30)
70.Moving Loops, Siran Wrap with Tin Foil, Loopable (0:30)
71.Moving Loops, Sleeping Bag, Fabric Bag, Loopable (0:30)
72.Moving Loops, Sleeping Bag, Loopable (0:30)
73.Moving Loops, Small Beef Jerky Wrapper, Loopable (0:30)
74.Moving Loops, Small Canvas Shopping Bag, Loopable (0:30)
75.Moving Loops, Small Plastic Food Wrapper, Loopable (0:30)
76.Moving Loops, Small Plastic Water Bottle, Loopable (0:30)
77.Moving Loops, Small Plastic Ziplock Bag, Loopable (0:30)
78.Moving Loops, Small Sauce Bowls, Loopable (0:30)
79.Moving Loops, Small Siran Wrapper, Loopable (0:30)
80.Moving Loops, Small Water Proof Tarp with Metal Zipper, Loopable (0:30)
81.Moving Loops, Soda Can, Loopable (0:30)
82.Moving Loops, Steel Bucket Bouncing Around Inside Metal Bucket, Loopable (0:30)
83.Moving Loops, Sunflower Seed Bag, Loopable (0:30)
84.Moving Loops, Sweat Pants, Rustling Quickly, Loopable (0:30)
85.Moving Loops, Sweatpants, Loopable (0:30)
86.Moving Loops, Swim Wear, Loopable (0:30)
87.Moving Loops, Tent Pole Carrying Case, Thick Canvas, Loopable (0:30)
88.Moving Loops, Tent Pole Carrying Case, Thin Canvas, Loopable (0:30)
89.Moving Loops, Thick Jeans, Loopable (0:30)
90.Moving Loops, Tiny Midi Keyboard, Keys Quickly Pressed, Loopable (0:30)
91.Moving Loops, Tomato Plant Steel Cage, Loopable (0:30)
92.Moving Loops, Tool Bag, Loopable (0:30)
93.Moving Loops, Trash Bag, Loopable (0:30)
94.Moving Loops, Very Thin Paper, Loopable (0:30)
95.Moving Loops, Wind Breaker, Cloth, Loopable (0:30)
96.Moving Loops, Wind Breaker, Loopable (0:30)
97.Moving Loops, Winter Clothing, Hood, Loopable (0:30)
98.Moving Loops, Winter Gloves, Loopable (0:30)
99.Moving Loops, Wood Board on Metal Work Bench, Loopable (0:30)
100.Moving Loops, Wood Coat Hangers, Loopable (0:30)


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