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Money is just over 21 Mb of coins and notes/bills being handled. You get 34 files in 24bit/96kHz quality.

This collection contains sounds of coins being handled, counted, poured, dropped – in hands, on tables and in a cash register drawer. There are also a few sounds of bills/notes/paper money being handled and counted. The whole thing was recorded in the studio, meaning a nice, dry sound to build on. The coins and bills used were a mixture of various international currency.

You get:

  • Clean, dry recordings of coins and notes.
  • Searchable file names
  • BWAV metadata embedded with even more included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats
Licensor: Hzandbits
Category: .
Type: Money sound effects / recordings
Specs: 34 files • 34 sounds • 24bit / 96 kHz • 21.2 Mb • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

1.Money, Bills, Crumple, Slow (0:01)
2.Money, Bills, Hand, Count, Single, relaxed
3.Money, Bills, Hand, Count, Single, swift
4.Money, Bills, Hand, Count, x3, swift (0:01)
5.Money, Coins, Drop (0:01)
6.Money, Coins, Drop In Cash Register (0:01)
7.Money, Coins, Drop In Hand
8.Money, Coins, Drop In Hand-001
9.Money, Coins, Drop In Hand-002
10.Money, Coins, Drop In Hand-003
11.Money, Coins, Drop In Plastic Container, Various (0:03)
12.Money, Coins, Drop On Table (0:01)
13.Money, Coins, Drop On Table, Medium Spin (0:01)
14.Money, Coins, Drop On Table, Medium Spin-001 (0:01)
15.Money, Coins, Drop On Table, Short Spin (0:02)
16.Money, Coins, Drop, Cash Register Drawer, Various (0:03)
17.Money, Coins, Hand, Count, x4 (0:03)
18.Money, Coins, Hand, Pour, Various (0:09)
19.Money, Coins, Handle (0:01)
20.Money, Coins, Handle, Cash Register Drawer (0:04)
21.Money, Coins, Handle, Cash Register Drawer-001 (0:03)
22.Money, Coins, Handle, Pour, determined
23.Money, Coins, Handle, Pour, Slow (0:01)
24.Money, Coins, Handle, Slide Between Fingers (0:02)
25.Money, Coins, Handle, Various (0:02)
26.Money, Coins, Handle-001
27.Money, Coins, Handle-002
28.Money, Coins, Picked From Cash Register, Purposeful (0:08)
29.Money, Coins, Pull From Table, Patiently (0:01)
30.Money, Coins, Pull From Table, Slide, dry
31.Money, Coins, Pull From Table, Slide, dry-001
32.Money, Coins, Pull From Table, Slide, dry-002
33.Money, Coins, Spin, Long, Dull, Hollow (0:06)
34.Money, Coins, Spin, Long, Dull, Hollow-001 (0:06)

1 review

  1. Peter

    For its price, and needing a fast solution to money handling SFX, this gets the job done. It covers all the common uses with handling currency. This has seen quite a lot of use in my projects.

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Curiosity is the driving force behind – the brainchild of Christian Hagelskjær From.

What does this thing sound like? Does it have a sound? What happens if I…?

Just like legendary film maker Jørgen Leth likes to “see what happens” in his films, I like to “hear what happens” in the objects and environments around me. The curiosity to experience deeply what normally whizzes by in our daily lives, is what shapes the  sound effects I record – but also the desire to create something which is useful for others.

I hope you will find my sounds useful in your projects – and that they will pique YOUR curiosity too.