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Modern Toolkit Bundle


Introducing the “Modern Toolkit” Bundle, a dynamic compilation of four exceptional products: The Prime Accord, Kinetix, Black Saturnalia, and Corrosive Touch.

Crafted with precision and vision, “The Prime Accord” offers a unique take on trailer SFX, featuring Corrupted Voices, Twisted Signatures, Risers, Heavy Impacts, and Drastic Sub Boomsโ€”all centered around prime numbers. “Black Saturnalia,” born from Black Friday and Christmas packs, presents a versatile range, including Risers, Impacts, Sub Booms, Blasts, Drones, and Signature sounds. “Kinetix,” a cinematic toolkit, captures the essence of motion in sound, providing dynamic energy through alarms, chains, gears, hits, pulses, and more. Completing the ensemble, “Corrosive Touch” delivers cutting-edge stingers transcended into a variety of SFX, including Signature Sounds, Transitional Elements, Ultra Low Sub Booms, and Stutters. The Modern Toolkit empowers your compositions with a comprehensive and contemporary palette for crafting impactful trailer music.

Corrosive Touch – “Heavy Abrasive Stingers” Sample Library: Corrosive Touch is our unique offering for trailer stingers and SFX. In typical ASTS fashion we decided we wanted to make insane, cutting edge stingers, but take it one step further. We did so by taking sound elements from our stingers and processing them into a variety of SFX such as: Signature Sounds, Transitional Elements, Ultra Low Sub Booms, Stutters, Impacts, and more!

We wanted to keep the modern composer in mind, and give them a well rounded toolkit of sounds all sourced from our one of a kind stinger sets.

Kinetix – “Sonics in Motion” Sample Library: Kinetix is our cinematic toolkit that is all about capturing the essence of motion in sound. We created this sample library to serve as a unique way to give your tracks dynamic energy. Contains alarms, chains, gears, ticks, hits, pings, pulses, swells, risers, and more. Unleash the power of motion!

The Prime Accord – “Visceral Trailer SFX” Sample Library: COMPLETE EDITION: The Prime Accord is our unique spin on trailer SFX. Created with a specific vision and a whole lot of love by James Brown, The Prime Accord brings some of the most unique and cutting edge sound design in the cinematic space. The Prime Accord was a initially created to act as a modular set of sample packs, each one focused on a particular set of sounds, all relating to prime numbers. The complete edition takes all five of those packs and bundles them into one cohesive product.

Includes Corrupted Voices, Twisted Signatures, Risers and Transitional Elements, Heavy Impacts, and Drastic Sub Booms.

Black Saturnalia – “Trailer SFX Toolkit” Sample Library: Black Saturnalia is our all rounder sample pack for trailer SFX.
Released initially as our Black Friday and Christmas packs, Black Saturnalia is a combination of those two products.

Includes Risers, Impacts, Sub Booms, Blasts, Drones, Signature sounds, and much more!

Licensor: : ASTS Sound Design Categories: , , , , , .
Type: Trailer SFX sound effects / recordings
Specs: 24 Bit / 48 kHz • 1.4 GB • Not metatagged
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