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Home Sound Effects Modern Cash Register

Modern Cash Register


Modern Cash Register is a pack of 16 mono sound effects recorded in 24 bits/96 kHz quality, from a Sharp-brand cash register. Not your average, old fashioned cash register sound collection here, but a full set of sounds from the kind of machine you'd see in your local convenience store.

You get cash register sound effects that should cover all bases:

• Keystrokes
• Drawer open and close
• Printing and receipt tear-off
• Coins handled in and out of the drawer

Performances are varied, to make it easier for you to match a certain mood or intensity.
There's even a recording from the inside of the drawer!

Licensor: Hzandbits
Category: .
Type: Cash register sound effects / recordings
Specs: 16 files • 16 sounds • 24bits/96kHz • Not metatagged • 12mb unzipped
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for Modern Cash Register:

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Download [33.60 KB]


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Curiosity is the driving force behind – the brainchild of Christian Hagelskjær From.

What does this thing sound like? Does it have a sound? What happens if I…?

Just like legendary film maker Jørgen Leth likes to “see what happens” in his films, I like to “hear what happens” in the objects and environments around me. The curiosity to experience deeply what normally whizzes by in our daily lives, is what shapes the  sound effects I record – but also the desire to create something which is useful for others.

I hope you will find my sounds useful in your projects – and that they will pique YOUR curiosity too.