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Military Radio Chatter


This is Coyote, standby, the target’s on the move! Do you copy?! Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

About Military Radio Chatter SFX Pack

It calls out to you from the depths of war! This pack contains male radio communication sounds that is suitable for military settings in your projects. To make the most organic texture possible, we present you sounds that were recorded in high definition 24bit/96KHz with a real walkie talkie.

This is a collection of 120 Military Radio Chatter Male Voices and radio signals with many different scenarios and typical military phrases and commands spoken through various walkie talkies and radios as well as interference and static.

This intelligence collection, with the most common intercepted communications captures a volume of communication, to or from field to the base unit about raid, action, suspect, suspected parties such as terrorists or spies, determining their next move and whether there is cause for alarm. These range from a steady flow of encrypted communications to interrupted communication and strict alarms and crisis phrases – with background radio signals.

The voice actor’s tone is confident and energetic so easy to integrate to meet your needs for any war or sci-fi game projects and films that you are working on.

List of Phrases and commands
Hawk 1: “Hawk 2, Hawk 1, Over,”
Hawk 2: “Go Ahead Hawk 1, Over,”
Hawk 1: “Hawk 2, Enemy Tracked 2 Kilometer (Km) West, Break …”
Hawk 1: “Take Cover 2 Km East At Delta Shack, Read Back, Over,”
Hawk 2: “I Read Back: Enemy Tracked 2 Km West, Take Cover 2 Km East At Delta Shack, Over,”
Hawk 1: “Correct, Over,”
Hawk 2: “Wilco, Over,”
Hawk 1: “Roger, Out,”
Say: “[Their Call Sign], This Is [Your Call Sign], Radio Check, Over,”
Wait For: “[Your Call Sign], This Is [Their Call Sign], Roger, Over,”
The Russians Have Everything East Of I-95, My Sector’s Gonna Fall Within The Hour,”
We’ve Lost Contact With Annapolis, Where’s The Air Support?”
Counter-Battery Fire Is Unable To Engage, Enemy Paratroopers Have Infiltrated Their Positions, We Are Cut Off, I Repeat, We Are Cut Off,” (After A While,) “Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow, Drop That Thousand-Pounder On The Red Smoke, Now,
Interrogative, Can Your Harriers Take Out The Interchange At I-495 And US-50? Over,
I Have Visual On Enemy Armor In The Vicinity Of The MSR, How Copy? Over,”
Roger 3-2, Goliath Copies All, Go Ahead,
2-1 Bravo, 2-1 Alpha,,, Interrogative:,,, What Is The Status Of The Man Down? Over,
Wolverine 3, Wolverine 3-2,,, Possible Foot Mobiles With Rpgs Approaching From Your 4 O’clock
3 O’clock, 3 O’clock, Check Your Fire, Check Your Fire,
Mongoose 1, This Is Wolverine Actual, Request Javelin Support On The North Ridge At Map Grid: 225313, How Copy? Over
Roger, Solid Copy, Continue, Over?
Rhino, This Is Rhino 2, We Are Halting To Engage Possible Foot Mobiles Near The National Archives, How Copy? Over
Warhammer, This Is Rhino, How Copy Over?”
Warhammer, This Is Rhino, Good Effect On Target: Building Destroyed, Over,
Wolverine 2, This Is Goliath, You Are Approved To Engage Those Targets
Roger, 3-1 Delta Copies All, We’re Oscar Mike, In Position In Five, Out,
All Warpig Victors, All Warpig Victors, Be Advised: Wolverine-2 Has A Visual On Enemy Paratroopers Assembling Two Klicks North-North-East Of Washington Monument, Veer Left On Route Sierra, Expect Enemy Foot Mobiles To Be On The Right Side, Break, We’re Cleared To Engage, Time On Target, Five Mikes, Out
Rhino 2, This Is Grizzly 2, What’s Your Status, Over?,”
Ambush, Right Side, Right Side
Warhammer, This Is Wolverine, Adjust Fire, System Aided, Over,
Solid Copy On All, Go Ahead, Over,
Roger, I Say Again Line Yankee, Line Yankee: 20 Bravo Tango Romeos 525639, How Copy?
Solid Copy, Do You Have Anymore Marks? Over,
Roger, Solid Copy On All, Stalker, Do Not Engage Unless Compromised And Continue To Report Every Ten Mikes On Enemy Disposition, We Need All The Intel We Can Get On Any Grid North Of The White House, Goliath Out,
Overlord, Overlord,,, This Is Grizzly Actual, Grizzly 2 Has Confirmed Enemy Snipers In Building Alpha 2-5 And Is Requesting Permission To Engage With Thermobaric Laws, Over,
Roger, Engaging With Thermal Rocket,
Wolverine 2, This Is Warhammer, Standing By For Fire Mission,
Ambush, Left Side, Left Side,
Solid Copy, Map Grid Charlie Alpha 336557, Pushing To IP Cadillac,

Charlie, They Are About To Cross Sector Grid 2365 By 254
Driving Aproximately 85 Mph Over
We Confirm That The Targets Are Moving Through A Restricted Zone
Standby For Clearance
Roger Charlie We Are Ready To Rock, Just Give Us The Word,
Oxide-5 You Are Not Cleared To Engage I REPEAT Do NOT Engage
Bravo-2 , Sierra-5 Here, How Copy? Over
Sierra-5, Bravo-2 Reads You, Go Ahead
We Are Currently Engaged In CYA Operations At MSR-Alpha
What Is Your Deviation Time Line Like? Over
Solid Copy, Tango-5 , 40 Meters Standby For Deviation Orders Over
Tango-5, Move To A Concealed Location Inside Your Grid And Unstrap Your Optics, We Need Your Eyes On The Thermal Leak Until We Can Verify That Its Visible To Sat-Recon, Maintain Readiness And Keep Us Updated , How Copy? Over
Message To Observer, Charlia,Three Rounds, HE Delay In Effect, Three Guns, Omega, Two Rounds, Two Guns, Smoke On The Deck, Request Splash, Out,
Charlie, This Is 2-1 Alpha, Relay To Tensword, Good Effect On Target,
2-3, RPG At Your 3 O’clock,
Ambush, Right Side, Right Side,
Get The Mk 19 On That Sector, Cover That Sector,
Delta-5, This Is Omega-3, Fire Mission, Over,
Omega-3, This Is Delta-5, Adjust Fire, System Aided, Over,
Roger, Delta-5 Copies All, 8 Bmps Destroyed, 70 Enemy Foot Mobiles KIA, All Targets Suppressed, End Of Mission, Out,
We’re Observing From A Structure Directly To The East Of The White House, Looking East Down That Road, Call Contact?
Snipers Confirmed In The Building Alpha 3-6, It’ll Be Easier If We Drop The Whole Building, Over
Roger, Engaging With Thermal Rocket,
Contact Left, Contact Left,

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Licensor: : Vadi Sound Library Categories: , , , .
Type: Communication sound effects / recordings
Specs: 120 sounds • 120 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 266 MB • Not metatagged
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for Military Radio Chatter:

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“If it is great sounds you seek, look no further than Vadi Sound. The amount of time, effort and passion they put into their recordings comes through in every sound they make. Vadi Sound Library has set the standard for quality sound libraries around the world.”
Gabriel Cowan, CEO, Audio Design Desk


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