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Metallitronic is sound designer Nathan Moody’s latest collection of intense textures, a library of nearly three hours’ worth of metallic membranes and objects excited by electronic signals.

Metallitronic was created using advanced synthesis techniques played back through various transducers into cymbals, gongs, bowls, steel plates, prefab metal buildings, and other resonant metallic objects, close-miked in stereo with extended-frequency-range microphones. This collection radically expands a sound designer’s palette of stressed-metal sounds, horror and tension elements, crystalline creaks and groans, unsettling background atmospheres, rattling vehicular interiors, creature sound sweeteners, the sound of massive machinery, earth-shaking rumbles, and stochastic, complex rhythms.

Some textures let the complex synthesizer textures shine through – intense on their own, even if they weren’t amplified through metal – but the primary focus is on metallic drones, hits, pings, stresses, groans, wails, resonances, rattles, and unique timbres that can be layered into almost any project. The scale of the sounds ranges from detailed to overwhelmingly massive. The sounds invite aggressive filtering and extreme pitch shifting.

Every sound is recorded in stereo at 24 bits, 192 kHz, and many sounds have ultrasonic frequencies. This library includes nearly three hours of recordings, all fully tagged with metadata. Multiple articulations are ganged into single files for convenience and organization.

Licensor: Noise Jockey Sound Design
Categories: , , , , , .
Type: Metal sound effects / recordings
Specs: 110 files • 230+ sounds • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 12.17 GB • Includes metadata
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Video Thumbnail
1.Nathan Moody – metal cymbal wailingTone x9 (2:18)
2.Nathan Moody – metal groan resonance largeKettle tubbySwell x6 (0:22)
3.Nathan Moody – metal rattle ballBearingsInSteelBowl doublePulses (0:21)
4.Nathan Moody – metal rattle brittleAiryChatterVibration (1:42)
5.Nathan Moody – metal rattle clankingChatterVibration (0:46)
6.Nathan Moody – metal rattle constant steadyAngryVibration steelBearingsInBowl (2:52)
7.Nathan Moody – metal rattle constantVaryingVibrationSwells steelPlate (2:11)
8.Nathan Moody – metal rattle cyclingRattlingVibration cresendo (2:08)
9.Nathan Moody – metal rattle cyclingTimbreModulatedSynthVibratingAluminumSheets (2:39)
10.Nathan Moody – metal rattle doubleVibratingHIts steelPlate x4 (0:26)
11.Nathan Moody – metal rattle doubleVibrationSwells steelPlate x4 (0:28)
12.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone cyclingRumbleVibratingSteelPieces (1:47)
13.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone deepRattlingSnappingVibrations aluminumSheet (1:13)
14.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone deepSynthToneRattlingSteel (1:26)
15.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone grinding phasing waterBottle (1:20)
16.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone grinding waterBottle (1:36)
17.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone jitteryMidrangeVibration (1:58)
18.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone midrangeChatterVibration (1:36)
19.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone nasalBuzzingVibration (1:50)
20.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone steelPicksInCymbal bassyFMSweep (1:19)
21.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone stutteringVibrations steelBearingsInBowl (1:08)
22.Nathan Moody – metal rattle drone throatyChatterVibration (1:36)
23.Nathan Moody – metal rattle grinding SynthVibratingSteelPlate riseFallPitchDive (1:31)
24.Nathan Moody – metal rattle highPitchedFMSynthPatch rattlingSteelBottle (1:13)
25.Nathan Moody – metal rattle hits bassPitchDive steelPiecesVibrating x8 (1:20)
26.Nathan Moody – metal rattle hits gongFilledWithBallBearings x8 (1:02)
27.Nathan Moody – metal rattle hits steelPiecesVibrating x6 (0:56)
28.Nathan Moody – metal rattle hits stutteringRandomPings SteelLid (2:05)
29.Nathan Moody – metal rattle lowShortVibrationSwells steelPlate x5 (0:27)
30.Nathan Moody – metal rattle pitchDiveVibration variableEnvelopeShapes x8 (1:34)
31.Nathan Moody – metal rattle pulsingBassSynthRattlingSteel (1:35)
32.Nathan Moody – metal rattle rapidVaryingVibrationSwells steelPlate (2:05)
33.Nathan Moody – metal rattle rapidVibrationSwell rattlingSteelPieces x5 (0:15)
34.Nathan Moody – metal rattle resonance aluminumShedInterior massiveStress (1:05)
35.Nathan Moody – metal rattle resonance ballBearingsVibratingInSteelBowl steadyDrone (1:17)
36.Nathan Moody – metal rattle resonance complexSynthStab vibratingSteel x3 (0:17)
37.Nathan Moody – metal rattle resonance drone denseBrightChatterVibration (1:56)
38.Nathan Moody – metal rattle resonance drone nasalChatterVibration (1:53)
39.Nathan Moody – metal rattle resonance noisyVibratingSteel x4 (0:30)
40.Nathan Moody – metal rattle resonance vibratingAluminumSheets (3:20)
41.Nathan Moody – metal rattle rhythmic brightSteelPlateVibration (1:01)
42.Nathan Moody – metal rattle rumble deepPitchedVibrations x11 (1:00)
43.Nathan Moody – metal rattle rumble massiveLowPitchDiveVibrations x11 (1:51)
44.Nathan Moody – metal rattle rumble shortPitchedVibrations x12 (1:06)
45.Nathan Moody – metal rattle shaking ballBearingsClickingOnVibratingSteel (2:15)
46.Nathan Moody – metal rattle shortRumblingVibration steelPlates x4 (0:30)
47.Nathan Moody – metal rattle steelBearingsInGong medium x6 (0:48)
48.Nathan Moody – metal rattle steelBearingsInGong short x6 (0:48)
49.Nathan Moody – metal rattle tripleVaryingVibrationSwells steelPlate x4 (0:31)
50.Nathan Moody – metal rattle varyingFrequencyHeldVibrations steelPlate (1:11)
51.Nathan Moody – metal rattle vibratingHeldRises steelBearingsInGong x8 (0:47)
52.Nathan Moody – metal rattle vibratingShortRises steelBearingsInGong x8 (1:02)
53.Nathan Moody – metal rattlie pitchDivesSwells steelPlate x10 (1:41)
54.Nathan Moody – metal resonance brightRhythmicMotorDrone variableTempo (3:02)
55.Nathan Moody – metal resonance clicks cymbal clickingWailingSequence (2:01)
56.Nathan Moody – metal resonance cymbal eerieDelayFeedback (4:09)
57.Nathan Moody – metal resonance deepRattlingRhythmicVibrationSwell x3 (0:34)
58.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone brightAiryIntenseVibration (1:42)
59.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone brightShimmeringPulses (1:04)
60.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone cyclingFeedbackGrinding (1:19)
61.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone cymbal deepSynthDrone subtleFM (3:22)
62.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone cymbal lowSlowPitchModulation (2:54)
63.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone cymbal pulsingFeedbackSwells (4:03)
64.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone cymbal pulsingFeedbackWhine (3:27)
65.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone cymbal slowTimbralModulation (2:37)
66.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone distortedBrightRattle (1:04)
67.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone gong hollowEerieRumbleVibration (3:34)
68.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone rattle steelPlateVibratingOnSteelBowl (1:06)
69.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone reverbSynthPatchThroughSteelBowl (3:31)
70.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone rippingHeavyDistortedDrone steelPlateVibration (1:08)
71.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone sharpPhasingSynthThroughAluminumSheet (2:06)
72.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone synthSequence resonantPingFeedback (1:06)
73.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone timbreMdulatedSynthVibratingAluminumSheet (2:05)
74.Nathan Moody – metal resonance drone wailingEerieResonantWhistle (1:05)
75.Nathan Moody – metal resonance gong lowStutteringVibrationSequence (1:05)
76.Nathan Moody – metal resonance gong wateryClicksAndDrone (2:11)
77.Nathan Moody – metal resonance gongAndCymbal skippingScreechingSequence (1:05)
78.Nathan Moody – metal resonance grinding stutteringIdlingEngine steelPlate (1:31)
79.Nathan Moody – metal resonance pitchModulatedSynthVibratingAluminumSheet (3:00)
80.Nathan Moody – metal resonance rattle drone crescendoSwellBuild (1:43)
81.Nathan Moody – metal resonance rattle drone SteelPlateRattlingOnSteelBowl pulsingVibration (2:01)
82.Nathan Moody – metal resonance rattle randomizedPitchDiveVibrations x14 (1:23)
83.Nathan Moody – metal resonance rattle rhythmicSquealThroughGong (1:05)
84.Nathan Moody – metal resonance rattling extremeHFSynthVibratingAluminumPanels (1:20)
85.Nathan Moody – metal resonance scoopedGrindingPulsingDrone variableTexture (2:54)
86.Nathan Moody – metal resonance sharpDrone largeKettle (1:04)
87.Nathan Moody – metal resonance sharpGrindingDrone largeKettle (1:05)
88.Nathan Moody – metal resonance swells cymbal highSynthFM x7 (1:05)
89.Nathan Moody – metal resonance swells cymbal lowRattlingGroans x3 (1:19)
90.Nathan Moody – metal resonance synthPitchDiveSequence rattlingSteelPlate (2:32)
91.Nathan Moody – metal resonant gong hits scratchesTrillsAndGroans (2:32)
92.Nathan Moody – metal rumble rattle drone bassSynthDrone rattlingSteelPieces (2:24)
93.Nathan Moody – metal scream drone timbreModulatedCrystallineSynthPatch vibratingSteelSheet (2:52)
94.Nathan Moody – metal stress drone creakingSteadyVibration rattlingHowlingAluminum (2:12)
95.Nathan Moody – metal stress growl deepResonatingSynthPatchVibratingSteelSheet (3:20)
96.Nathan Moody – metal stress rattle brightChatterVibrationSwells x7 (0:18)
97.Nathan Moody – metal stress rattle vibratingSteelWheelbarrow short (0:25)
98.Nathan Moody – metal stress rattle vibratingSteelWheelbarrow sustainedVariable 01 (0:17)
99.Nathan Moody – metal stress rattle vibratingSteelWheelbarrow sustainedVariable 02 (0:28)
100.Nathan Moody – metal stress rattle vibratingSteelWheelbarrow sustainedVariable 03 (0:25)
101.Nathan Moody – metal stress resonance thickVIbratingSwells fast x5 (0:09)
102.Nathan Moody – metal stress resonance thickVIbratingSwells medium x6 (0:45)
103.Nathan Moody – metal stress resonance thickVIbratingSwells slow x6 (0:43)
104.Nathan Moody – metal stress varyingFrequencies pitchDiveClimb rattlingVibrating steelPlate (1:20)
105.Nathan Moody – metal stress varyingFrequencies rattlingVibrating steelPlate (0:51)
106.Nathan Moody – metal swirlingBallBearingsInSteelBowl (3:54)
107.Nathan Moody – metal vibration chaoticBassResonantRattling steelPlates (1:36)
108.Nathan Moody – metal vibration drone deepHeavyDistortedRattle steelPlates (2:05)
109.Nathan Moody – metal vibration drone deepStaccatoRattle steelPlate (2:13)
110.Nathan Moody – whistling eerie sutteringSynthThroughSteelLid (1:05)


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