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Home Sound Effects Medieval Towns and Villages Ambience Kit

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Medieval Towns and Villages Ambience Kit


A comprehensive sound library from the enchanting world of the Middle Ages featuring meticulously recorded elements that come together harmoniously to create a realm of realism that transports your audience back in time, including isolated elements, acoustic impulse responses, noiseprints, and ambience loops.

Medieval Towns and Villages - Full Library Presentation

Licensor: : SoundFellas Categories: , , , , , , , .
Type: Medieval sound effects / recordings
Specs: 935 sounds • 1107 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 8.22 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 197 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Introducing the “Medieval Towns and Villages” ambience kit!

Step into the enchanting world of the past with our extraordinary ambience kit, “Medieval Towns and Villages.” Immerse your audience in the rich tapestry of the medieval era by bringing to life the sounds of everyday life during those captivating times. This comprehensive collection is your gateway to creating truly authentic and believable medieval soundscapes for a myriad of applications.

Craft Your Own Dynamic Environments:

Unleash your creativity with our thoughtfully curated selection of stereo, surround, and ambisonic loops. But that’s not all; we’ve gone the extra mile to include individual sound elements, allowing you to craft custom ambiences and sound effects that breathe life into your projects. From bustling towns and majestic castles to serene villages and picturesque fields, every auditory aspect has been carefully captured and perfected.

Breathe Life into History:

Hear the whispers of the wind as it weaves through ancient trees in the groves, the footsteps of small and large crowds bustling in the town square, the creaking of wagons in the distance, the soothing melodies of songbirds perched upon medieval rooftops, and the gentle sounds of farm animals filling the countryside. All these meticulously recorded elements come together harmoniously to create a realm of realism that transports your audience back in time.

Beyond History – Endless Possibilities:

The versatility of our “Medieval Towns and Villages” sound library extends far beyond history. It perfectly complements various settings, be it the elegance of Victorian-era scenes, the grandeur of antiquity, the magical allure of fantasy worlds, thrilling adventures, or educational/historical documentaries and mockumentaries. Whether you’re crafting virtual tours, simulations, reenactments, or any other media that demands authenticity, this library will become your go-to resource.

Elevate Your Projects with Cutting-Edge Acoustics:

But what sets our sound library apart is the ability to harness the true essence of a soundscape through isolated elements. Create dynamic environments with ease, as each sound has been meticulously isolated to allow for seamless integration into your projects. This innovation elevates your sound design capabilities, granting you the power to shape audio in ways never before possible.

Unparalleled Immersive Experiences:

For those seeking unparalleled immersive experiences, our library includes soundscapes in stereo, surround, and ambisonic formats. These cutting-edge acoustic features are tailor-made for games, virtual reality, and film post-production, elevating the auditory experience to new heights.

Uncover History’s Secrets, Inspire the Future:

Unlock the secrets of the past, harness the power of 3D sound in your films, games, and VR projects, and transport your audience to captivating worlds with the “Medieval Towns and Villages” ambience kit. Immerse your audience in history, create unforgettable soundscapes, and elevate your creative endeavors with this extraordinary collection’s unmatched versatility and authenticity. Delve into the past and inspire the future with the power of sound.

The Perfect Ambience Kit and Beyond:

As with all our Ambience Kits, this library contains different kinds of assets to help you compose custom soundscapes or create new layered sound effects that fit your project perfectly:

  • Ready-made scenes in StereoSurround, and Ambisonic formats, produced with our innovative True3D Audio™ mixing system (check the Unique Features section below).

  • Individual elements in the form of mono and stereo one-shots and loops, dereverberated or diffused to integrate with any virtual acoustics you use in your project (reverb processors, occlusion filters, etc.).

  • Noiseprints (aka roomtones) that are very useful as a base texture to add elements on top (to create your own ambience loops) or use them creatively in other ways (e.g., vocoding to create monster voices, filtering and distortion to create engines, weapons, otherworldly drones, and more).

  • Reverberation IRs and occlusion IRs (a first), so you can use them with convolution in your projects to create ultra-realistic experiences (you will need a convolution filter that loads custom samples to use those).


medieval era settings, victorian era settings, antiquity, fantasy, adventures, historical, documentaries, mockumentaries, educational videos, virtual tours, simulations, reenactments


medieval, middle ages, town, village, field, night, home, inn, crowd, people, square, animals, farm, farmstead, smithy, wind, water, splash, tree, horse, wagon, wheel, grove, insect, sheep, pig, cat, dog, bat, rat, bird, creek, pier, stream, bee, hit, metal, bell, door


This library contains 13 ready-made scenes to use as ambience loops in stereo, surround, and ambisonic formats with additional FocusBlur™ versions of all files to sync with any visuals without breaking audiovisual spatial coherence.

Additionally, the package also includes 838 isolated elements, 35 noiseprints, 8 reverb impulse responses, and 4 occlusion impulse responses.

In total, this package contains 1.107 files.

All files are delivered in pristine (PCM) wave files (WAV) at 96 kHz / 24-bit resolution with an uncompressed size of 8.22 GB.


  • Stereo

  • Surround (Quad)

  • Ambisonics Sphere (Ambix)

  • Mono


  • Professional Grade – Low Cost: Low cost is almost automatically associated with low quality and less value; however, this is an unfair correlation. We constantly use critical thinking to reduce the cost of production while maintaining, or even increasing, the quality we deliver. Our quality-driven culture results in professional-grade sound libraries with 10x or 20x lower prices than any high-quality competitor.

  • True3D Audio™​: We created the sound scenes (ambience loops) in this library using an audio production pipeline that allows us to mix anechoic sound elements into a virtual 3D scene with accurate acoustics simulation. Immersive realism for soundscapes, music, and any other material, compatible with any channel format your project might support.

  • Scene Analysis: For enhanced realism, we first capture data from any location we record. We later use the data in production to extract elements, model scenes, analyze sound behavior and synthesize new elements. This gives consistency and adds realism to the final sound.

  • FocusBlur™​: FocusBlur™ is a delicate psychoacoustic process that defocuses and expands the spatial information of the audio signal, producing a blurry and more enveloping version with a subtle in-front focus. Its primary use is to blur ambience and music loops so that they match easier with background visuals, but it can also be used for upmixing or 3D sound compositing and other spatial audio workflows.

  • PureSource™​: PureSource™​ is our proprietary ingestion workflow based on sound restoration, forensic audio, and reverse engineering techniques. The result is audio assets without any on-location reverb, equipment artifacts, and Doppler effect. They spatialize great around the audience and sound real with virtual acoustics and reverb processors.

  • Refined Content​: Optimized trimming, seamless looping, and detailed fading. All these, result in oneshots that perfectly sync with visuals or user actions, and loops that cycle seamlessly. No glitches or awkward audio-to-visual sync issues; our audio content performs great across any playback scenario.

  • AuthorNorm™​: AuthorNorm™ is a proprietary perceived loudness normalization protocol, and it’s the perfect way to normalize audio assets for fast ingestion and easy mixing in game engines, video editors, digital audio workstations, virtual music instruments and samplers, and any other authoring application.

  • HDR Audio: Our end-to-end high dynamic range pipeline yields crystal clear sound with more detail, punchier attacks, and smoother fades. What you get is content that feels great and cuts through the mix.​


Check out all the contents by downloading the product’s File List.

We take extra care to make it easy to find the sounds you need and intuitively browse the contents. Depending on the theme and content, we use various ways to organize the content. Different content categories and channel formats are organized in folders. Useful content properties are included in the filenames (i.e., Loop, Complex, Diffused, DoplerInversed, etc.). Different types of the same phenomenon are denoted with capital letters, and same-type variations are enumerated with two-digit incremental numbers.


Metadata Excel File

Apart from the embedded metadata in each sound file, we also provide rich (UCS-compliant) metadata in an Excel file, which you can use to import information into your pipeline. This Excel is made according to the new UCS standard, which offers a framework for consistently categorizing audio content using a universal classification system many vendors have already adopted.




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SoundFellas (SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs) is a creative audio laboratory and teaching studio founded by Pan Athen. Since 2011, SoundFellas offers novel audio services, content, and software tools for games, film, and entertainment media. Fusing scientific research with design, SoundFellas aims to produce quality-in-use content for all levels of creators. Our libraries feature innovative acoustic and psychoacoustic qualities that enhance the 3D sound experience of any project, from stereo music production to immersive audio pipelines such as Dolby Atmos, Ambisonics, and MPEG-H.