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Medieval Phrases Fiddle Nyckelharpa


Empower Your Compositions with Authentic Medieval Phrases.
[Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT or Steinbergs free HALion Sonic]

Embark on a journey through time with the latest addition to the MEDIEVAL PHRASES series: FIDDLE & NYCKELHARPA. With the Fiddle, with its rich and expressive tones, coupled with the Nyckelharpa’s distinctive resonant strings, we invite you to capture the mood of medieval times. Composers and producers can now use dramatic live performances by outstanding performers or freely play their instruments with varied articulations.

Imagine the bustling markets and vibrant festivals of late medieval Europe, where the rhythm and bounce of the Fiddle & Nyckelharpa set feet tapping and light the hearts of weary travelers. These instruments were the lifeblood of celebration, often heard at markets and taverns above the chatter of merchants and the laughter of children. Their history is woven through countless generations, where they not only provided entertainment but also served as a cultural heartbeat during times of both hardship and prosperity.

MEDIEVAL PHRASES FIDDLE & NYCKLEHARPA carry within tales of the past, each string resonating with stories untold. The Fiddle’s bow dances across strings to produce a vibrant, rhythmic melody, while the Nyckelharpa’s keyed fiddle design adds an otherworldly depth. These sounds, once echoing through medieval tavern halls and open markets, are now crisply captured for the modern composer. With MEDIEVAL PHRASES, breathe new life into your medieval compositions, delivering an authentic experience that is both profound and exhilarating.

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Izsรกk Farkas graduated as a violinist in 2010, and since then has been pushing his music to the limits, especially in the band Infusion Trio with his form-breaking expressions of the electric violin. He regularly performs in theatrical fiddler roles and is a member of several fusion, crossover, jazz and rock bands, a leading individual, a special musician and a successful teacher. Check out his YouTube channel โ€œFollow the Violinโ€ for more.

One of the founding members of the German folk rock band the Geyers, Thomas Roth is considered by many as the best Nyckelharpa player in the world. Over his 30-year career, heโ€™s developed his own style on this little-known, historical instrument, which has received worldwide attention. Heโ€™s currently involved in a stylistic journey across time and place, playing traditional music and original compositions with a new group of musicians.

The MEDIEVAL PHRASES series has defined a whole new direction of sound for the Medieval times and folk music. These phrases are crafted to keep the spirit of the series, and come with our unique and deep phrase builder.

The FX page allows you to wield complete control over the EQ, and the UI gives you the phrases to choose from. Make use of the reverb to model open hill-side festivals and crowded tavern halls and the extra delay to bring out unexpected subtleties.

Main Page

Fiddle Instrument Page

FX Page

Nyckelharpa Instrument Page

The playing styles of these enchanting phrases evoke the grace and fluidity of the Middle Ages. They are more versatile than basic poetic lines due to their energy and dynamic emphasis on rhythm.

8 Fiddle and 7 Nyckelharpa themes

โ€ข Over 600 total phrases
โ€ข Syncs to DAWโ€™s tempo
โ€ข Fully playable rhythmic phrases
โ€ข Also playable freely as single instruments

You may also play the Fiddle and Nyckelharpa separately for additional freedom to link the phrases or to compose your own songs. Make beautiful, genuine melodies quickly with the variety of articulations with the solo instruments, including Sustains with 3 velocity layers and Staccatos and Pizzicatos with 4 round robins, along with a variety of Trills and Turns.

A full complement of contemporary FX, such as reverb, delay, and a 4-band equalizer, are available in MEDIEVAL PHRASES FIDDLE & NYCKLEHARPA. The most important tools for perfecting your sound are at your fingertips.


โ€ข FULL VERSION of Native Instrumentsโ€™ KONTAKT Version 6.7.1 or higher or Steinbergโ€™s free HALion Sonic*
โ€ข Mac OSX.10.14 or higher, Intel Core i5
โ€ข Windows 7 or higher, Intel Core i5
โ€ข 4GB RAM
โ€ข At least 2.5GB of free hard disc space

*HALion Sonic is currently not compatible with Notion by Presonus


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