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Lo-Fi Sci-Fi

(7 customer reviews)


Lo-Fi Sci-Fi is a library packed full of characterful, authentic and gritty sounds. It was lovingly created by sound designers Barney Oram and Derek Brown, in homage to classic late 70’s and early 80’s sci-fi movies.
The collection is comprised of a wide range of sounds, including metal, organics, fire, mechanical, interfaces, creatures, foley and footsteps, abstract, ambience, and much more.

Lo-Fi Sci-Fi features 620 24bit / 48kHz WAV files in total, including 45 designed sounds and 575 source sounds.

Licensor: Barney Oram
Category: .
Type: Lo-Fi Sci-Fi sound effects / recordings
Specs: 620 files • 1,000+ sounds • 24bit / 48kHz • 3.53 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 431 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
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7 reviews

  1. Kai Paquin

    You’re basically kicking yourself in the ass if you don’t pick this library up.

    There’s a lot to say about it, but to keep it brief, the material in this library is incredible. It covers all sorts of interesting design source material, ready-made design that would fit in all sorts of high tech or creature vocalizations, and a wide pallet of sounds to pick from.

    Frankly this library packs a punch way above it’s price range and is a no brainer for anyone’s collection

  2. Kellen Fenton

    This library sounds totally unique and is very different from most other modern sci-fi libraries as it nails the 80s sci-fi/horror aesthetic. The variety of content is awesome; tons of unique foley, creature sounds, telemetry/interface sounds, impacts, as well as a killer designed section. I’ve also been getting a lot of mileage out of the ‘abstract’ section as it has tons of unique tones, timbres, and textures. Definitely worth the purchase, especially with the super low price.

  3. Nick

    Great library, lots of usable content especially for the price. Really captures that old-school sci-fi aesthetic but still works well in modern designs. Highly recommend picking it up!

  4. j.marchuk3

    This library is amazing. There’s a massive amount of variety in here, and lots of unique stuff that’s normally difficult to find. That retro sort of coloration across the whole library gives everything a little grit that layers nicely in a ton of contexts

  5. Juan

    This library fulfills everything I love about my favorite type of libraries: a vast range of really unique textures and sounds that can be utilized in an endless variety of ways. I’m always on the search for sounds with a lot of character to inject into my scifi weapons, UI, spells, etc and this has become my current go to. The amount of content is amazing for the low price. Highly recommend putting this library in your arsenal for when you need a cool layer in a pinch.

  6. Alex Lane

    To be honest, I don’t even know how often I’ll make use of the library (I mainly work on documentaries) but the sound hoarder in me couldn’t pass up such a great deal. The amount of beautiful high quality sound for such a low a price is mind blowing. This library should be at least twice as expensive if not more, a definite steal.

  7. Daniele

    Fantastic Library.
    I’ve been using it a bit lately, and I especially love the mechanical parts. Really useful also outside a Sci Fi context.
    The Library has a unique flavour, which really give a nice personality and texture to the sound you create.
    For the price is a no-brainer.

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