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Home Sound Effects Leaked Noise

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Leaked Noise

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What is LEAKED NOISE? Well, in the case of this sound pack, it is the sound that is somewhat removed from the listener. It might be the people upstairs having a blazing argument (and later on when they have made up, getting amorous), the garage band next door rehearsing their songs, the kid in the basement practicing drums or the one down the school hall practising flute. In this pack, you will find lots of LEAKED NOISE that might be just right for your project, be it TV, film, radio, videogame or theatre.

Licensor: John Silke
Categories: , , .
Type: Environmental sound effects / recordings
Specs: 36 files • 36 sounds • 16 bit / 48khz • 766.4 MB
Approx. 84 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
Apartment Block Stairwell.wav
Argument Next Door.wav
Band Practice In Garage Better.wav
Band Practice In Garage Terrible.wav
Bathroom Upstairs.wav
Cafe Next Door.wav
City At Night From Hotel Balcony.wav
Dog Barks At Night.wav
Drum Practice Next Door Bad.wav
Drum Practice Next Door Good.wav
Electric Guitar Practice Next Door.wav
Flute Practice School Hall.wav
Guitar Practice Acoustic Next Room.wav
Guitar Tuning Acoustic Down Hall.wav
Morning Street Cleaning Through Apartment Window.wav
Office Block Stairwell.wav
Photography Gallery Exhibition Closer.wav
Photography Gallery Exhibition Distant.wav
Piano Practice Next Door.wav
Piano Practice Next Room.wav
Pub Garden Through Apartment Window.wav
Pub or Bar Next Door.wav
Restaurant Next Door.wav
Restaurant Sound From Street.wav
Roadworks In Street Through Apartment Window.wav
Sex Upstairs.wav
Shower Singing Man.wav
Snoring Man Next Door.wav
Street In Italy From A Rooftop.wav
Street Through Apartment Window.wav
Supermarket Stairwell.wav
Teen Garden Party Wild.wav
Television Next Door.wav
Typewriter In Next Room.wav
Washing Dishes In Next Room.wav
Washing Machine Upstairs.wav


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