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Home Sound Effects Large Hall Activity

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Large Hall Activity

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Often majestic, big interior spaces are beautiful sets. We created this collection to help you bring some life into them. To take full advantage of those sets, there’s nothing quite like Ambisonic and its faithful sound reproduction of its acoustics in 3D.

About Ambisonics:
This is an Ambisonics sound effects library - and by using the free SoundField SurroundZone 2 plugin you can convert the B-format files into your preferred format (stereo, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0 or 7.1 surround). Note: The library also contains ready-made stereo mixdowns for your convenience.
Licensor: Spheric Collection
Categories: , , .
Type: Large Interior Ambisonic sound effects / recordings
Specs: 28 files • 28+ sounds • 24 bit / 48 kHz • Yes
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Ambisonic library demo

These are binaural demos, encoded for headphone listening - many other possibilities available with the source material:
Video Thumbnail
GN00183-Railway station gallery no voice-wxyz (2:30)
GN00245-Airport concourse quiet-wxyz (2:15)
GN00246-Shopping mall exit checkout-wxyz (2:35)
GN00247-Shopping mall escalator-wxyz (2:30)
GN00248-Shopping mall main alley dense-wxyz (1:48)
GN00249-Shopping mall alley restaurant-wxyz (3:45)
GN00254-Shopping mall cash register-wxyz (1:37)
GN00255-Shopping mall gallery quiet-wxyz (1:09)
GN00562-Hubbub in a church-wxyz (1:20)
GN00566-Tourists visiting a church-wxyz (0:36)
GN00569-Eerie voices in a church 1-wxyz (1:13)
GN00571-Eerie voices in a church 2-wxyz (2:43)
GN00572-Voices in the great nave-wxyz (0:55)
GN00573-Large corridor voices-wxyz (0:32)
GN00595-Reverberating voices in a church-wxyz (0:44)
GN00744-Voices entry of a museum-wxyz (3:20)
GN00846-A large oject Rolls in a big hall-wxyz (0:10)
GN00847-Calm and distant crowd in a very large acoustic place-wxyz (1:56)
GN00848-Calm crowd chatering in a large acoustic place-wxyz (0:58)
GN00849-Children vocalize in a very large acoustic place-wxyz (1:38)
GN00850-Distant crowd activity In a very large stone staircase-wxyz (3:34)
GN00851-large hall distant from a convention-wxyz (1:57)
GN00852-Large Object Rumble in a large acoustic place-wxyz (0:13)
GN00853-Male voice in a large church-wxyz (0:33)
GN00854-New york central Post Office-wxyz (2:00)
GN00855-Rumor of voices in a large church-wxyz (0:37)
GN00856-Small crowd moving in a large hall -wxyz (0:32)
GN00857-Small Crowd activity visiting -wxyz (0:55)


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