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Attention: This is NI KONTAKT instrument, so you need full version of KONTAKT (at least version 5.5.2) to run and play it. It will not work in KONTAKT Player!

However, this library contains 96kHz WAVs in separate folders for each of three kalimbas if you don’t have (or need) KONTAKT.

Introducing KALIMBA: the first KONTAKT instrument from KEDR Audio!

Here you will find two models of high-end kalimbas, as well as a bonus: ย prepared low-quality rattling kalimba to add some low-fi textures to your music or sound design.

All were recorded with condenser and contact stereo mics and have separate controls for both microphones levels. Also, the use of five round-robins for each mic allows to achieve variability and human-alike sound.

All three instruments are built on the same KONTAKT engine with many useful controls: room and contact mic gain, AD envelope, low-pass filter with resonance, chorus, reverb, delay and three-band equalizer.

What you get:

  • Two high-end kalimbas, plus a bonus: an old, low-fi, rattling prepared kalimba
  • Separate folders with 96kHz/24Bit multi-take WAVs for each of kalimbas to use in sound design or other (non KONTAKT) samplers
  • Metadata for search engines
  • KONTAKT engine with three effects, a low-pass filter and a three-band equalizer.

System requirements:

  • Full version of Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5.2 and higher

Gear Used:

  • Sound Devices MixPre-6, BarcusBerry Planar Wave 4000, Sennheiser MKH8040/MKH30

Licensor: : KEDR Audio Categories: , , , .
Type: Kalimba sound effects / recordings
Specs: 550 sounds • 770 MB • Includes metadata
Approx. 5 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 A2_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 A3_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 B3_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 C3_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 D3_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 D4_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 E3_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 E4_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 F2_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 F3_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba GS17 G3_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba Hakema A3_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba Hakema A4_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba Hakema B4_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba Hakema C4_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba Hakema C5_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba Hakema E4_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba Hakema E5_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba Hakema F4_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Kalimba Hakema G4_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba A0_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba A1_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba A2_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba B1_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba B2_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba C1_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba C2_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba C3_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba D1_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba D2_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba D3_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba E1_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba E2_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba F1_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba F2_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba G1_KDRa_Kalimba.wav
MUSCMisc_Prepared Kalimba G2_KDRa_Kalimba.wav


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