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Insects | CCC


This sound library is part of the Complete Craig Carter Collection, containing a wide range of insect recordings.

Recorded over Craig’s 34 year career as an esteem Australian sound designer, this library consists of singular insects and swarms; flies, bees, cicadas, crickets, grass hoppers, dragonflies, beetles, & wasps.

Licensor: Craig Carter Collection
Categories: , , , .
Type: Collection of Unique Sound Effects & Atmospheres sound effects / recordings
Specs: 169 files • 175+ sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 6.06 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 150 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Learn more about Craig Carter’s extensive career here;

The Legacy of a Master Craftsman and Storyteller

CCC – Bee Hive 01-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 02-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 03-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 04-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 05-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 06-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 06-002.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 07-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 08-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 09-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 10-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 11-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 12-001.wav
CCC – Bee Hive 13-001.wav
CCC – Beetle Bursts 01-001.wav
CCC – Beetle Bursts 02-001.wav
CCC – Beetle Swarm 01-001.wav
CCC – Beetle Swarm 02-001.wav
CCC – Cicada Pulse 01-001.wav
CCC – Cicada Swarm 01-001.wav
CCC – Cicada Swarm 02-001.wav
CCC – Cicada Swarm 03-001.wav
CCC – Cicada Swarm 04-001.wav
CCC – Cicada Swarm 05-001.wav
CCC – Cicada Swarm 06-001.wav
CCC – Cricket Chirp CU 01-001.wav
CCC – Cricket Chirp CU 01-002.wav
CCC – Cricket Chirp CU 02-001.wav
CCC – Cricket Swarm 01-001.wav
CCC – Cricket Swarm 02-001.wav
CCC – Cricket Swarm 02-002.wav
CCC – Cricket Swarm 04-001.wav
CCC – Cricket Swarm 05-001.wav
CCC – Cricket Swarm 05-002.wav
CCC – Cricket Swarm 06-001.wav
CCC – Cricket Swarm 06-002.wav
CCC – Cricket Swarm 07-001.wav
CCC – Dragonfly CU 01.wav
CCC – Dragonfly CU 02.wav
CCC – Dragonfly CU 03.wav
CCC – Dragonfly CU 04.wav
CCC – Dragonfly CU 05.wav
CCC – Dragonfly CU 06.wav
CCC – Dragonfly CU 07.wav
CCC – Fierce Fly 01.wav
CCC – Fly Buzzing 01.wav
CCC – Fly Buzzing 02.wav
CCC – Fly Buzzing 03.wav
CCC – Fly Buzzing 04.wav
CCC – Fly Buzzing 05.wav
CCC – Fly Buzzing 06.wav
CCC – High Pitched Cicacadas 01-001.wav
CCC – Hot Day Insects 01-001.wav
CCC – Hot Day Insects 02-001.wav
CCC – Hot Day Insects 02-002.wav
CCC – Hot Day Insects 03-001.wav
CCC – Hot Day Insects 03-002.wav
CCC – Hot Day Insects 04-001.wav
CCC – Hot Day Insects 05-001.wav
CCC – Hot Day Insects 05-002.wav
CCC – Hot Day Insects 06-001.wav
CCC – Individual Beetle CU 01.wav
CCC – Individual Cicada CU 01.wav
CCC – Individual Cicada CU 02.wav
CCC – Individual Cricket CU 01.wav
CCC – Individual Cricket CU 02.wav
CCC – Individual Cricket CU 03.wav
CCC – Individual Cricket CU 04.wav
CCC – Individual Cricket CU 05.wav
CCC – Individual Grass Hopper 01.wav
CCC – Individual Grass Hopper 02.wav
CCC – Individual Wasp CU 01.wav
CCC – Individual Wasp CU 02.wav
CCC – Individual Wasp CU 03.wav
CCC – Individual Wasp CU 04.wav
CCC – Individual Wasp CU 05.wav
CCC – Individual Wasp CU 06.wav
CCC – Individual Wasp CU 07.wav
CCC – Individual Wasp CU 08.wav
CCC – Individual Yamidji 01.wav
CCC – Insect Burst CU 01.wav
CCC – Insect Cacophony 01-001.wav
CCC – Insect Cacophony 01-002.wav
CCC – Insect Cacophony 02-001.wav
CCC – Insect Cacophony 02-002.wav
CCC – Insect Cacophony 03-001.wav
CCC – Insect Cacophony 04-001.wav
CCC – Insect Cacophony 04-002.wav
CCC – Insect Cacophony 05-001.wav
CCC – Lakeside Crickets 01-001.wav
CCC – Lakeside Crickets 01-002.wav
CCC – Lakeside Crickets 02-001.wav
CCC – Lakeside Crickets 02-002.wav
CCC – Lakeside Crickets 03-001.wav
CCC – Lakeside Crickets 03-002.wav
CCC – Large Cicada Swarm 01-001.wav
CCC – Large Cicada Swarm 01-002.wav
CCC – Large Cicada Swarm 02-001.wav
CCC – Large Cicada Swarm 03-001.wav
CCC – Large Cicada Swarm 04-001.wav
CCC – Large Cicada Swarm 05-001.wav
CCC – Long Grass Insects 01-001.wav
CCC – Maras 01-001.wav
CCC – Maras 02-001.wav
CCC – Maras CU 01.wav
CCC – Mosquito Cacophony 01-001.wav
CCC – Mosquito Cacophony 02-001.wav
CCC – Mosquito Cacophony 03-001.wav
CCC – Mosquito Cacophony 04-001.wav
CCC – Mosquito Swarm 01-001.wav
CCC – Mosquito Swarm 02-001.wav
CCC – Mosquito Swarm 03-001.wav
CCC – Passive Cicadas Evening 01-001.wav
CCC – Passive Crickets 01-001.wav
CCC – Passive Flies Pre-Dawn 01-001.wav
CCC – Passive Flies Pre-Dawn 01-002.wav
CCC – Passive Insect Forest 01-001.wav
CCC – Passive Insects 01-001.wav
CCC – Passive Insects 01-002.wav
CCC – Passive Insects 01-003.wav
CCC – Passive Insects 02-001.wav
CCC – Passive Insects 02-002.wav
CCC – Passive Insects 02-003.wav
CCC – Passive Insects Dawn 01-001.wav
CCC – Passive Insects Dawn 01-002.wav
CCC – Passive Insects Dawn 01-003.wav
CCC – Passive Insects Dawn 02-001.wav
CCC – Passive Insects Dawn 02-002.wav
CCC – Passive Insects Dawn 03-001.wav
CCC – Passive Lakeside Insects 01-001.wav
CCC – Passive Lakeside Insects 02-001.wav
CCC – Passive Lakeside Insects 03-001.wav
CCC – Passive Lakeside Insects 03-002.wav
CCC – Passive Lakeside Insects 04-001.wav
CCC – Passive Lakeside Insects 04-002.wav
CCC – Passive Mosquito Swarm 01-001.wav
CCC – Passive Mosquito Swarm 01-002.wav
CCC – Passive Mosquito Swarm 01-003.wav
CCC – Passive Mosquito Swarm 01-004.wav
CCC – Passive Mosquito Swarm 01-005.wav
CCC – Passive Suburban Insects 01-001.wav
CCC – Passive Suburban Insects 02-001.wav
CCC – Passive Suburban Insects 03-001.wav
CCC – Passive Suburban Insects 04-001.wav
CCC – Passive.Fly Buzzing 01-001.wav
CCC – Passive.Fly Buzzing 01-002.wav
CCC – Passive.Fly Buzzing 01-003.wav
CCC – Passive.Fly Buzzing 01-004.wav
CCC – Passive.Fly Buzzing 01-005.wav
CCC – Reed Insects 01-001.wav
CCC – Reed Insects 02-001.wav
CCC – Reed Insects 02-002.wav
CCC – Reed Insects 03-001.wav
CCC – Reed Insects 04-001.wav
CCC – Swarm of Flies 01-001.wav
CCC – Swarm of Flies 01-002.wav
CCC – Swarm of Flies 01-003.wav
CCC – Swarm of Flies 01-005.wav
CCC – Trapped Fly 01.wav
CCC – Trapped Fly 02.wav
CCC – Trapped Fly 03.wav
CCC – Trapped Fly 04.wav
CCC – Trapped Fly 05.wav
CCC – Trapped Fly 06.wav
CCC – Trapped Fly 07.wav
CCC – Wasp Strike CU 01.wav
CCC – Wasp Wings CU 01.wav
CCC – Winged Insect Passes 01.wav


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