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Hybrid Game Sounds


Hybrid Game Sounds is the latest, greatest and most advanced crossbred collection from Epic Stock Media. Hybrid Game conveys a cutting-edge audio asset collection with more than 4400 sound files: over 2000 source and organic audio assets, over 2200 synthetics and designer sounds, plus 20 high fidelity music loops as a bonus to help you add a finishing touch to your project.ย + Includes embedded Soundminer meta data.

Hybrid Game Sounds has been produced and curated specifically for game producers and sound designers – but it’ll be a source of inspiration and excitement in any audio for video and motion graphics production and anywhere action, movement and gameplay are setting the scene.

All sound files are 24bit / 96 kHz resolution – and to speed your production and save you time, the complete set of pre-converted files in 44.1/16bit are included with every purchase too.

Licensor: : Epic Stock Media Categories: , .
Type: Game sound effects / recordings
Specs: 4251 sounds • 4251 files • 24bit / 96k • 7+ GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 190 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
  • 2-3 Hours of Game Audio
  • 2,200+ Designed files
  • 2,000+ Edited Source files
  • Perfect Library for Sound Designers and Game Developers
  • Useful Source and Designed files
  • Includes Glitch Items, Massive Robotic Trills,
  • Particle Charged Touches, Scripted Uppers
  • Hydro Chirps, Energy Gases, Creative Essentials
  • Alien Orbs, Twisted Blings, Hollow Piped Sub-tronics
  • Mech Hydraulics, Automated Synth Groans,
  • Dirty Positive Arcade, Metal Game Solid Misc
  • Epic Ammo Pick Ups, Sci-fi Weaponry
  • Ranged Appears, Window Pop Ups, Transitions
  • Black Hole Specials, Frozen Neutral Strikes,
  • Wet Juicy Synth Fart Touches, and Pressurized Content
  • Blimp Treasures, Cyborg Gadgets, Warps
  • Futuristic Tech, Bots and Droids
  • Quest, Objective, and Mission Notifications
  • Themed UI, Taps, Buttons, Slides
  • Digital Blips, Manipulated Fluids, Reinforced Impressions
  • Set Traps, Aquire Equipment, Game Magnets
  • Unique Dark Themed Coins, Suctions, Cells, Hits
  • Ghostly Movements, Spirit Flutters, Horror Items
  • Deep Underscore Bass Touches, Power Ups
  • Fat Boy Tab Selects, Star Shots, Robust Grabs
  • Unlock Levels, Locks, Alien Boosters, Siphons
  • Bubbling Arcade Tones and Malfunction 8-Bit
  • Essences Flows, Frenzy Collects, Twitches
  • Mendal-ed Cartoonish Items, Intense FX
  • Leet Buffs, Shields, Energetic Blitz Material
  • Heavy Duty Loaders, Repairs, Refuel
  • Icy Shimmers, Glistens, Sweeps

Full sound effects list for Hybrid Game Sounds:

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Est. in 2014, Epic Stock Media is a team of audio ninjas disguised as sound design professionals that specialize in top-of-the-line sound design for gaming, film and multimedia industries. We aim to energize and empower the gaming and film entertainment industries by providing innovative audio designs & sound effects that seamlessly fit our clients needs. We provide everything audio from custom designed game audio assets to useful foley audio source material to help artists craft an outstanding product! All of our content is meticulously organized into easy-to-use sound libraries which instantly save you money, time, and energy. Get access to the most powerful, industry-leading sounds and never overpay for premium content.