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Home Sound Effects Humanoid Creatures Vocalizations

Humanoid Creatures Vocalizations


This library features nearly 100 vocalizations from a recording session with a VO artist that has mastered the art of weird utterances and creature voices.

You will find violent growls, grunts, sounds of pain, moans and groans, breaths, whispers, gargling, hisses, choking, growls and everything else you'd expect from a zombie, humanoid monster or demon.

These sounds are also dry overall, with only minimal editing, and recorded at 96 kHz to allow you to continue to play around with them. The library features dual mono recordings with a set of two different microphones—one crispier and one warmer. If combined and panned, some create a stereo feel.

Sounds are divided into 10 categories:

Ambient/Breath • Choking • Gargle • Growls • Hiss • Moans • Panting • Snarl • Word / Phrase / Gibberish / Latin • Yell / Scream

Licensor: KLAP Sound
Categories: , , .
Type: Zombie sound effects / recordings
Specs: 93 files • 93+ sounds • 96kHz / 24bit • Not metatagged • 1.72 GB
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License type:
Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here

Full sound effects list for Humanoid Creatures Vocalizations:

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