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Home Sound Effects HouseHold.



Household is a collection of over 400 high definition production elements in and around the house.

From doorbells and drawers to slidedoors and creaking doors.

All sounds are Soundminer metadata embedded.


Licensor: SoundFuse
Categories: , , , .
Type: Household sound effects / recordings
Specs: 58 files • 400+ sounds • 24 bit / 96KHz • 2.37 GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Household is a soundeffects collection containing all imaginable sounds you can find in your house.

It contains a huge amount of door creaks performed in various intensities and lengths.
You’ll also find refrigerator doors opening and closing, rattling chandeliers, kettle whistles, toilet flushes,
light switches, vacuum cleaners and much more.
See the complete track listing below.

Where relevant, we record different performances of the same sound.
A creaking door for instance is actually played like an instrument.
Slow, fast, soft, loud would be different intensions you’ll find in the library.
All these variations are edited within one soundfile in which the editor can quickly
judge the content and find what he’s looking for.

The sound effects in the Household library are shot in the mono and stereo formats.

Download product only.

 24bit 96kHz • over 400 sounds in 58 WAV files • 1.72 GB download • 2.37 GB uncompressed

Alarm clock, analogue, beep alarm going off 00:20.998
Alarm clock, analogue, ticking 01:15.998
Alarm clock, analogue, toggle alarm switch on off 00:14.750
Baking tray, inserted and removed from oven 00:20.833
Bed creaking, during sex 01:14.458
Bee, wasp or fly, the real thing 03:50.000
Chandelier, handling, glass rattles 02:33.666
Clock, on wall, ticking 01:06.030
Curtain, being drawn, different variations 01:15.000
Door buzzer, various lenghts 00:24.432
Door closet, open, close, various intensions, squeaks 00:42.500
Door creak, long lenght 00:49.791
Door creak, medium lenght 00:24.125
Door creak, short 00:36.000
Door creaking, various lenghts 01:28.250
Door creaks, wood, very long stretched creaks 04:05.375
Door, without lock, wood, close 00:05.958
Door, wood, open and close 00:29.083
Eggtimer, analogue, ticking 01:26.275
Eggtimer, ring 00:09.220
Flashlight, toggle on off, various speeds 00:13.022
Gas release from Stove 00:11.083
Glass of water, fill, faucet 00:19.541
Glass plate, rattling in cupboard 00:28.375
Glass plate, rattling in cupboard2 00:12.166
Glass pot, small, open and close, put down 00:20.375
Handle, locked, wood door 00:16.416
Heater, gas, ignite and run 01:25.166
Kettle, put down on stove 00:26.524
Kettle, pick up from stove 00:26.666
Kitchen cupboard, open and close 00:32.083
Light switch 2, wall, various intensions 00:19.000
Light switch, handswitch on wire 00:17.034
Light switch, large, handswitch 00:10.000
Light switch, pull cord 00:16.000
Light switch, pull cord, metal rings 00:26.666
Light switch, wall mounted, different versions 00:16.000
Light switch, wall, various intensions 00:14.000
Luminescent tube, clicks, turned on 00:10.250
Oven, old rattly, open and close 00:20.208
Refrigerator door, open and close 00:28.991
Room tone, very quiet, nothing specific 02:30.000
Slidedoor, wood, open and close 01:17.958
Slidedoor,heavy wood, creaky, open and close 01:11.291
Slidedoors glass, small, in cupboard, open close 01:00.000
Stereo, turn on and off, different intensities 00:12.126
Swing doors, wood, open close, handling 00:25.125
Ketlle whistle 01:14.625
Ketlle whistle, whole sequence of boiling water 06:56.750
Telephone, pick up, old ringer type 00:18.242
Telephone, put down, old ringer type 00:21.427
Television switch, on and off 00:11.708
Television, turned on, ringing static 00:10.000
Toilet flush 2, reservoir filling up 09:36.323
Toilet flush, reservoir filling up 08:48.058
Vacuum cleaner, seperated, left nozzle, right machine 03:14.324


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