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Home Sound Effects Guitar Designed Vol. 2

Guitar Designed Vol. 2


You would never guess these sounds are from an acoustic instrument…

Our Audio Craftsmen have used raw acoustic guitar recordings to design a variety of futuristic and horrifying sound effects including drones, stingers, risers and impacts.

Manipulate your audience’s emotions by creating creepy and uncomfortable atmospheres with this unique sound effects library!

These sounds have been separated into the following categories:
Drones: 20 evolving atmospheres with a generous amount of low frequencies, perfect for designing science fiction and horror ambiences.

Impacts: 10 hits and impacts to make your audience jump, ideal for trailer sound design.

Riser & Transitions: 30 risers sound effects processed with various reverbs and delays to smoothly transition between scenes.

Stingers: 10 terrifying stingers to give goosebumps to your audience.

Licensor: : 344 Audio Categories: , , .
Type: Drone sound effects / recordings
Specs: 70 sounds • 70 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 2.03GB • Includes metadata
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Full sound effects list for Guitar Designed Vol. 2:

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344 Audio is an Audio Post Production Studio in Manchester, England.


We have been crafting custom sound effects for almost 10 years. Now we would like to share them with the world.