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Gore Toolkit HD


A collection of over 530 96k/24bit HD Gore sound effects that comes with an additional 262 48k/24bit sounds FREE!  Come and get your body damage galore.  Punches, bone, blood, intestines, goops, splats, flesh movement, chewing, tearing, snapping, breaking, blade sounds… It’s BLOODY CARNAGE!

Licensor: Soundopolis
Categories: , , .
Type: Gory sound effects / recordings
Specs: 139 files • 798 sounds • 24bit, 48/96kHz • 380 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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The Gore Toolkit has everything you need for your bloody, gory, action/horror/sci-fi adventure. If you need body damage sounds, you’ve hit the jackpot here.

Fresh Gore! is a collection of 536 HD sound clips on 93 audio tracks – recorded, edited, and delivered as 96k/24bit stereo WAV files. The collection includes blood, intestines, bones, flesh, punches, squishes, goops, splats, chops, tinks, chews, stabs, crunches, tears, sawing, some blade sounds, and so much more. I mean I terrorized so much produce and a large ham that there’s probably a warrant out for me!!! And I couldn’t help myself after demolishing coconuts to record the classic “coconut horse trotting” sound… Bonus!

Fienup’s “Classic” Gore COMES FREE! This is a whole other batch of sounds from earlier in my career, consisting of 262 audio clips on 46 stereo audio tracks, recorded, edited, and delivered as 48k/24bit WAV files. These sounds are straight out of B or even C-horror films. Don’t get me wrong – these sounds still serve me well in every action/horror film I work on! The “Classic” gore consists of more blood, bones, flesh, punches, smacks, chops, crunches, snaps, squish, squirts, splats, oozes, whooshes, and even a rubbery/stretching sound. Between these two collections you are set for almost any kind of combat sounds you need!

NOTE: Music in preview track NOT included.


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Soundopolis, LLC is an American company based in Michigan.  David Fienup is the sole owner, sound designer, field recordist, sound-nerd, yadda, yadda.