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Gizmo is a mechanism library for designing mechanical actions in machinery without the engines. This library covers the gambit of steam, ronks, clicks, clanks, clunks, servos and all sorts of mechanical actions from various props.

Unlike most libraries, this one was recorded at 192 with a stereo pair of Sanken CO100k microphones for extreme lossless pitching, so you can take something small like a typewriter, and make it sound like a massive printing machine.

Licensor: : Kaibrary Categories: , , .
Type: Mechanical sound effects / recordings
Specs: 2500+ sounds • 444 files • 16.32 GB • Not metatagged
Approx. 244 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

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3 reviews

  1. Michael O’Connor

    Wow, just wow. There is so much here I don’t even know where to begin. Kai’s diversity in sound sources makes this library extremely versatile. The dual Sanken 100K’s (alongside other microphones) have added pitch bending that allows you to sculpt and design with these sounds like never before. I tiny door hinge can be transformed into a castle-sized door creak; it is truly remarkable. Kai also made sure to capture plenty of unique takes so there is always an alternative performance to rely on. Lastly, Kai’s attention to concise yet thoroughly fleshed out metadata makes searching a breeze.
    Source Material: 10/10
    Sound Editing + Mastering: 10/10
    Metadata: 10/10
    Microphone Choice: 192/192

  2. Ryan Sullivan

    The highest quality clicks, clanks, gears, metal, mech, springs etc. This library has everything you would need for anything mechanical in any facet. Kai has separated the source of the sounds to just the essence of the sounds. It is truly a acoustimatic experience listening to this library. The incredible high quality 192k and 96k sample rate allows any sound to be manipulated endlessly. You can hear the endless amount of hard work put into this. This will be a library that will always be ingrained in my mind when doing projects. The metadata is remarkable in the amount of detail. I felt that I would listen to a sound, explain it in my head and the metadata was exactly what I was thinking.

    10/10 on all fronts.

  3. Alex

    Bought this library at the $60 intro sale price and it really feels like a steal, even if you’re paying full price for it. The immense amount of variety and detail make this library extremely versatile. The recordings are so clean and beautiful I could just listen to them one by one for hours, amazing work.

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