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Download the Geese freebie SFX pack here



Geese‘ contains a massive array of wild bird sound effects recorded from various canals, rivers, reservoirs and lakes. We are the first in the world to release a nature library with a specific, extensive collection of Goose sounds, which includes flapping wings, fighting, footsteps, paddling, swimming and jumping into water, eating various types of foods, a wide array of vocalisations including groups(gaggles), pairs, individuals and much, much more.

Our Audio Craftsmen meticulously planned our field recording sessions considering time of day, weather conditions and different locations aiming to capture the full range of behaviour these animals display on a daily basis. We visited a variety of spots and spent time learning the behaviours of Geese, allowing us to capture their reactions as both individuals and groups of varying size. We recorded sounds during a variety of scenarios including eating food, fighting each other, and encountering ducks/other water birds. The huge difference in personalities between these birds allowed us to capture distinct vocalisations made while being fed, acting calm, aggressive or being threatened by rivals to their territory (even making sounds that could be mistaken for a dog, chicken or dinosaur!).

We also recorded sounds from different perspectives which include tunnels (both inside and from a far), a gaggle of Geese approaching from a distance, fighting, flying and swimming by as well as close up sounds of eating, pecking and more.

Moreover, all the sounds provided are dry in 192kHz 24Bit. Allowing for uses varying from nature documentaries through to excellent source sounds for creature and vocal design.

Licensor: : 344 Audio Categories: , , , , , , , .
Type: Bird sound effects / recordings
Specs: 24 Bit / 192 kHz • 5.2 GB • Not metatagged
Approx. 80 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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Here are the included folders:

Vocals: A large selection of Geese voices ranging from neutral, to aggressive, to curious – every type of Goose voice sound you can imagine, and more. Perfect source material to make your creature voice design stand apart from the crowd, or to cover geese in close up shots.

Perspective: A set of recordings of distant Geese, and those in more reverberant locations such as tunnels.

Movement: An extensive set of movements covering: footsteps, dipping head into water, washing themselves, flying around, gliding on and jumping into water and more.

Misc: A set of bonus recordings captured along the way. Genuine sounds of a coughing Goose, an injured Goose crying in the distance and a canal boat passing by, scaring a gaggle of Geese and more.


Full sound effects list for Geese:

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344 Audio is an Audio Post Production Studio in Manchester, England.


We have been crafting custom sound effects for almost 10 years. Now we would like to share them with the world.