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Home Sound Effects G4F SFX09 – Metal

G4F SFX09 – Metal


The G4F SFX09 – Metal soundbank is comprised entirely of metallic sounds generated by many different objects.

The soundbank contains high-quality recordings made at the Foley’Torium studio. The recordings are 96 kHz/24 bit, with a Class A setup (Sound Devices recorder with DPA and Neumann mics).

Foley: Julien Billeau
Sound Engineer: Arnaud Roy
Sound Designers: Benjamin Michenaud and Alexandre Bobe

Features recordings such as:

Impacts, friction, rolling, sliding, engines/motors with metal resonators providing a very rich texture.

Licensor: G4F SFX
Categories: , .
Type: Metal sound effects / recordings
Specs: 216 files • 1208 sounds • 24bit / 96 kHz • 4.34 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 180 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for Metal:

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Download [160.21 KB]


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