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Future Interface

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‘Future Interface’ by Cinematic Sound Design delivers a huge collection of futuristic interface sound effects. Developed to be used within your upcoming game, app, advertisement, film or other type of project, these sounds will enhance your project and take it up to the next level.

This collection was designed using some of the best quality equipment available today: Access Virus Ti virtual analog synthesiser, DSI Prophet analog synthesiser, Waldorf Pulse 2. We have also used a Sound Devices 702 field recorder, a pair of Neumann KM184 microphones and an Apogee Symphony AD/DA for additional processing and routing.

Licensor: Cinematic Sound Design
Category: .
Type: Interface sound effects / recordings
Specs: 488 files • 244 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 Khz • 562.6 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
1.8 Bit Game Over (0:01)
2.8 Bit Mosquito (0:02)
3.Accept Bell (0:04)
4.Accept Button Rough
5.Accept Sound (0:01)
6.Accepted Measurement (0:01)
7.Access Denied (0:02)
8.Access Granted (0:02)
9.Access Interface Boink (0:01)
10.Achievement Tone (0:02)
11.Alarm Down (0:01)
12.Analog Arp Shoot (0:02)
13.Analog Device Pluck (0:03)
14.Analogue Pluck Interface (0:02)
15.Arp Bell (0:02)
16.Arp Down Thin (0:01)
17.Arp Interface Beep (0:01)
18.Arpy Interface
19.Arpy Roll Up
20.Basic Ping
21.Beep Beep (0:01)
22.Beep Beep Interface
23.Beep Me (0:02)
24.Bell Arp Down (0:01)
25.Bell Interface Down (0:01)
26.Big Roll Interface (0:01)
27.Bip Interface (0:01)
28.Blippy Stuff
29.Body Scan
30.Boink Interface
31.Bouncy Bass (0:02)
32.Bubbly Interface (0:01)
33.Button Arp Down (0:01)
34.Button Rolling Plasma (0:02)
35.Button Thin Arp Down
36.Checked In Interface
37.Completed (0:03)
38.Confirmation (0:02)
39.Console Madness (0:01)
40.Correct Direction (0:02)
41.Creep Step (0:03)
42.Curious Droid (0:01)
43.Damaged Hoover (0:02)
44.Door Accept (0:01)
45.Door Access
46.Double Denial (0:01)
47.Double Interface Roll (0:03)
48.Double Pingy
49.Down Thin Tone (0:01)
50.Dull Interface
51.Electric Drop
52.Electric Oven Switch
53.Electronic Click
54.Electronic Clock Alarm (0:01)
55.Electronic Switch (0:01)
57.Entry Bells Button (0:03)
58.Entry Interface
59.Entry Level Access (0:03)
60.Entry Level Interface (0:04)
61.Fast Arp Pluck
62.Fast Interface Arp (0:01)
63.Fat Bell
64.Freaky Notification (0:01)
65.Funky Monkey (0:02)
66.Future Access Granted (0:01)
67.Future Bell (0:05)
68.Future Blip
69.Future Bump Interface
70.Future Elevator Pluck (0:01)
71.Future Interface
72.Future Interface Arp (0:03)
73.Future Interface Snap
74.Future Machine Gun (0:01)
75.Future Me Interface (0:01)
76.Future Peck
77.Future Phone Ring (0:01)
78.Future Sms Tone
79.Future Whisper (0:01)
80.Future Whobble (0:01)
81.Future Zaps (0:01)
82.Futuristic Interface (0:01)
83.High Beep (0:01)
84.High Turn Off
85.Hit Alert Ring (0:01)
86.Hospital Heart Oscilloscope (0:17)
87.Hotel Bell (0:04)
88.Hyper Thin Beep
89.Intelligent Machinery (0:03)
90.Intense Arp (0:01)
91.Interface Accept Ping (0:01)
92.Interface Accept Up (0:01)
93.Interface Access
94.Interface Alarm (0:02)
95.Interface Alarm 02 (0:02)
96.Interface Alarm Clock (0:01)
97.Interface Alarm Off
98.Interface Arp Down (0:01)
99.Interface Arp Up (0:01)
100.Interface Basic
101.Interface Beep Button
102.Interface Beep Up
103.Interface Beepy Lead
104.Interface Bell Down (0:01)
105.Interface Blink (0:01)
106.Interface Blip (0:01)
107.Interface Blop
108.Interface Bouncy Ball
109.Interface Down
110.Interface Future Door (0:03)
111.Interface Future Down
112.Interface Future Plucks (0:02)
113.Interface Future Stabs (0:01)
114.Interface Future Switch (0:01)
115.Interface Future Switch Bell (0:01)
116.Interface Hard Blip (0:01)
117.Interface Jingle
118.Interface Love Down (0:01)
119.Interface Melody Pluck (0:01)
120.Interface Menu Accept (0:01)
121.Interface Noise Ball
122.Interface Phone Beep
123.Interface Ping Switch
124.Interface Plucky (0:01)
125.Interface Pop Menu (0:01)
126.Interface Robot
127.Interface Roll Up (0:02)
128.Interface Single Pong
129.Interface Sms Beep (0:01)
130.Interface Sms Notification (0:01)
131.Interface Tech Arp Up
132.Interface Tech Down
133.Interface Tech Roll (0:02)
134.Interface Techy
135.Interface Teleport (0:01)
136.Interface Thin Bells Down (0:02)
137.Interface Thin Blip (0:01)
138.Interface Thin Roll
139.Interface Thin Up (0:01)
140.Interface Triple Balls
141.Interface Up (0:02)
142.Interface Up And Down (0:02)
143.Interface Welcome Back (0:01)
144.Laser Down (0:02)
145.Laser Future Interface (0:02)
146.Laser Snap (0:02)
147.Level Passed (0:01)
148.Liquid Tone
149.Little Thinny
150.Machine Peoip (0:01)
151.Magic Bell Interface (0:01)
152.Magic Future Up (0:03)
153.Magic Me Up (0:02)
154.Magic Opener (0:01)
155.Menu Down (0:01)
156.Menu Interface (0:01)
157.Menu Interface Down (0:02)
158.Menu Interface Up (0:02)
159.Message Interface (0:01)
160.Metal Laser Interface (0:01)
161.Metal Punch Interface (0:02)
162.Mission Complete (0:04)
163.Mobile Ring Alert (0:02)
164.Mod Pluck (0:03)
165.Mode Open (0:02)
166.Modern Arp Down (0:02)
167.Modern Run Down (0:01)
168.Morse Code (0:02)
169.Noisy Arp Up (0:02)
170.Noisy Denial (0:01)
171.Note (0:02)
172.Notification Opener (0:08)
173.Notify Me Down (0:01)
174.Notify The Insect (0:01)
175.Okay Droid (0:01)
176.Old Phoneline Busy Tone (0:07)
177.Old Radio Tone (0:01)
178.Open Down (0:01)
179.Paint Ball (0:01)
180.Peck Interface
181.Phone Beep
182.Ping It (0:02)
183.Ping Pong (0:02)
184.Pipe Interface
185.Plucky Interface (0:01)
186.Plucky Tone (0:01)
187.Pong Down (0:01)
188.Pong Interface
189.Pop Interface (0:01)
190.Positive Interface (0:01)
191.Power Up Interface (0:01)
192.Psycho Bits (0:02)
193.Radio Tone (0:01)
194.Request Accepted (0:02)
195.Reversed Plop Interface
196.Right Answer (0:02)
197.Right Direction (0:02)
198.Robo Transition (0:02)
199.Robocop (0:02)
200.Rough Vacuum Interface (0:01)
201.Roundy Notification (0:01)
202.Scan Complete
203.Science Interface (0:01)
205.Short Ping (0:01)
206.Single Analog Pip
207.Single Short Beep
208.Single Thin Beep
209.Slim Alarm (0:01)
210.Slim Pluck (0:01)
211.Spaceship Interface (0:03)
212.Super Denial
213.Super Entry
214.Super Menu (0:02)
215.Sweep Blip (0:01)
216.Syren Interface
217.Tech Plucks (0:02)
218.Technology Scratch (0:01)
219.Technology Typing (0:34)
220.Teleport Button (0:01)
221.Thin Accept
222.Thin Access (0:01)
223.Thin Bell Interface (0:01)
224.Thin Metal Interface
225.Thin Opener (0:01)
226.Thin Repeat Button
227.Thin Switch Interface
228.Tone Pop Up
229.Triple Beep Interface
230.Triple Ping (0:01)
231.Triple Thin Interface
232.Two Plucks Interface
233.Up Notification (0:01)
234.Urban Interface
235.Vibrato Interface (0:01)
236.Vibrato Pluck Interface
237.Weep Interface
238.Weird Interface (0:02)
239.Welcome Interface (0:02)
240.Wicked Future (0:02)
241.Would You (0:01)
242.Wrong (0:01)
243.Wrong Answer
244.Wrong Beep


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