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Home Sound Effects Fragile! Glass Smashing FX

Fragile! Glass Smashing FX


There’s something thrilling about the sound of glass breaking. Whether it’s the danger involved or the difficulty of the recording process, glass breaking sound effects remain a very difficult but useful tool in the sound editors library.

Over the course of a few years and several recording sessions of various size, this collection of glass breaking sounds came to be. From small cups, plates, and bottles to large jugs, jars and windows, the sounds found on display here are designed to convey the violence and danger associated with glass breaking. Be careful; they are loud!

In addition to the ‘dry’ library of sounds, a useful ‘wet’ library of re-amped, or “Worldized” sound effects has also been included. Consisting of 54 out of the 83 included glass smashing sounds, this second tonal option was prepared in two locations; one, a tall, narrow concrete stairwell, and the other an interior living room complete with furniture and unruly early reflections, for a total of 108 additional files for your choosing.

Combined, the Fragile! Glass Smashing Sound Effects library from Tall Tale Sound presents you with 191 mono & stereo sound effects, ready for download today.

Licensor: Tall Tale Sound
Categories: , , .
Type: Glass sound effects / recordings
Specs: 191 files • 83 sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 265 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

These recordings were made using a wide variety of equipment over several years. Microphones used included: Sennheiser MKH50, MKH8040s & MD421, Rode NTG3, Crown PZM-30r, Ambient ATE208, Beyer Dynamic M160 and a unknown model of Electro Voice ribbon mic.

Preamps & recorders used included: the Zoom F4, Sound Devices 744 w/MixPre-D, and Tascam HD-P2. The Sony PCM-D100 portable recorder was used when making the worldized recordings, and Rycote & Rode wind shields were used when needed. An 80hz rolloff was used during recording, with a variable low cut filter used during post processing.


Full sound effects list for Fragile! Glass Smashing SFX:

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Tall Tale Sound provides depth, realism & imagination through the use of custom recorded sound effects.

All sounds are recorded & mastered at 24bit 96khz with minimal processing unless otherwise stated. Additionally, all sounds have been edited to provide seamless integration within your project and include Pro Tools comment metadata.


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