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Home Sound Effects Forest Reverb – Outdoor Impulse Responses

Forest Reverb – Outdoor Impulse Responses

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Get a collection of 134 impulse responses – recorded in the forest.

What if, instead of going to the forest to record the sound, we can find a way to bring the characteristics of the forest to us? Say, for example, we have recorded a sound in the studio like the sound of chopping wood or foley footsteps, but we want them to sound like they are in the forest?

There is a way to emulate this. To make our source sound like it is, in fact, in a forest. The answer is to use the impulse response of the forest and one of the convolution reverb plugins for your DAW.

An impulse response of the forest (or “forest IR”), is the sum of reflections from trees, foliage and the ground by very short signal at high volume. For this sound library, I recorded different impulses in a stereo at different locations of the forest with perfect conditions. Also, the library includes alternate versions of these impulses for use in the processing of the sounds that are far away from the listener.

Note: Requires a convolution reverb plugin
– here are some free options:

For using these impulse responses, you need a convolution reverb plugin (not included). The library can be used with the built-in convolution plugins in many DAWs like ProTools, FL Studio amd Sony Vegas, and there are other commercial options on the market, but costs can be high. For starters, you can use a free convolution reverb from the following

LiquidSonics’ Reverberate LE (Win)
SIR by Christian Knufinke (Win)

A wide choice of IR’s will allow you to choose the most appropriate nuanced impulse response for your material. As you gain more experience with this forest IR, you will find that you can quickly adjust the ratio and volume level for wet and dry channels and effectively use other options of convolution reverb. This powerful forest reverb emulation will be incredibly effective for your sounds.

Licensor: Phonophilist
Categories: , , .
Type: Outdoor Impulse Response sound effects / recordings
Specs: 134 files • 134 sounds • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 441 Mb • Includes metadata
Approx. 6:41 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

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1 review

  1. Earthkeptwarm

    This is an awesome pack containing a significant amount of IR’s to play with in the woods including with and without early reflections (not sure how you manage that when processing IRs but amazing to have all that choice).

    Upon initially purchasing the pack, I was dissapointed with how little detail was provided in the metadata but I gave Asoundeffect feedback about this and in less than two weeks time, the producer of the library came back with a beefed up library, with new IR’s and a fully detailed metadata system with loads more info to help bring the potential of this library to life.

    Nice one. Now for some ambisonic/surround IRs in the future ?!

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