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Home Sound Effects Finnhamn – Sounds From The Kvarken Archipelago

Finnhamn – Sounds From The Kvarken Archipelago


Finnhamn – Sounds From The Kvarken Archipelago is a collection of natural soundscapes recorded in the Finnish nature during one year.

Finnhamn is a small peninsula in the Kvarken World Heritage Site. Here you can find both wild coastal and calm archipelago landscapes, an old growth forest, wetland, lakes and open plains.

This covers in other words a lot of the landscapes you will find in Scandinavia.

The recordings where made during a one year period, so soundscapes from all four seasons are well covered.

The trail to the old fishing cottage on the hill of the headland goes trough a 300 year old protected forest that is home to a multitude of animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, some of which we get to know more intimately in these recordings. Finnhamn is located in the unique Kvarken Archipelago, which is Finland’s only Natural World Heritage Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Together with Sweden’s High Coast, the Kvarken Archipelago is the best place in the world to experience and understand the land uplift phenomenon caused by the last Ice Age.

The isolated location of Finnhamn and the adjacent forest is rather unique in that sense, that not much sound pollution reaches it. It is well worth a visit if you want to experience deep natural quiet and wonderful and invigorating nature.

The package contains 165 files with a total playing time of 14 hours!

Recorded in 48kHz & 24 bit with a Sound Devices 633 recorder, DPA 4061 microphones and JRF D-series hydrophones. Presented in 48kHz, 24 bit & 44.1kHz, 16 bit stereo.

The compressed package is 9.8/4.5GB.

The tracks are labeled according to the UCS standard, except for the first 4 characters that indicates the order in which the tracks where recorded. If you want to use a database that speaks the UCS language, then please remove the first 4 characters of the filename. You can then arrange the tracks in the right order using the last UserData field (the date).

Licensor: : Sound Awareness Categories: , , , , , .
Type: Nature sound effects / recordings
Specs: 165 sounds • 165 files • 24 Bit / 48 kHz • 10 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 840 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

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Sound Awareness is the melting pot for a number of my creative outlets and offerings. Me being Stefan Backas, a sound designer, field recordist and sound therapist from Finland. I’m passionate about using sound both as a bridge to deepen our contact with Mother Nature and as a healing modality where we can utilize the beneficial qualities of sound.