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Home Sound Effects Factory Tones

Factory Tones


Factory Tones by Badlands Sound features 17 two minute seamless loopable roomtones, making these a breeze to work with – perfect for your projects.

I was able to capture all these sounds with no one there so these are just factory room tones that are steady with very little movement or noises from the outside world. All sounds are available to hear in the products audio demo.

This sound library was recorded with professional gear including the Sound Devices 702t, Rycote ORTF, and a pair of Sennheiser MKH 8040’s creating high quality roomtones of 96k / 24 bit.

If you are looking for factory room tones or looking for bigger tones and beds to fill the scene then this library is for you. All files in this product have great file names and metadata.

Licensor: Badlands Sound
Categories: , .
Type: Factory ambience sound effects / recordings
Specs: 17 files • 17+ sounds • 24 bits / 96 kHz • 1.15 GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
1.Badlands, Factory Tones, Bathroom Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
2.Badlands, Factory Tones, Bathroom with Fan Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
3.Badlands, Factory Tones, Bathroom, Fan, Roomtone Loopable (2:00)
4.Badlands, Factory Tones, Breakroom, Rattle, Vents, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
5.Badlands, Factory Tones, Computers, Heater, Vents, Machines, Highpitch Whine, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
6.Badlands, Factory Tones, Deep Rumble, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
7.Badlands, Factory Tones, Electrical Buzz Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
8.Badlands, Factory Tones, Heater, Vents, Fan, Subtle Rattles, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
9.Badlands, Factory Tones, Large Utility Room, Heater, Buzz, Subtle Rattles, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
10.Badlands, Factory Tones, Large Utility Room, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
11.Badlands, Factory Tones, Large Utility Room, Subtle Rattles, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
12.Badlands, Factory Tones, Low End Rumble Empty Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
13.Badlands, Factory Tones, Machines, Hum, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
14.Badlands, Factory Tones, Restroom, Bathroom Stall, Vents, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
15.Badlands, Factory Tones, Restroom, Vents, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)
16.Badlands, Factory Tones, Small Utility Closet, Buzz, Roomtone Loopable (2:00)
17.Badlands, Factory Tones, Vending Machines, Distant Heater, Roomtone, Loopable (2:00)


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