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Exotic Birds


The Exotic Birds sound effects library is a unique collection of 24 different species of exotic birds. It features birds like flamingos, parrots, parakeets, crane, crow, ibis, peacock, and many others.


Bali mynah โ€ข Black headed ibis โ€ข Canada goose โ€ข Chilean Lapwings โ€ข Collared parakeet โ€ข Crows โ€ข Grey parrots โ€ข Grey winged trumpeter โ€ข Guira Cuckoo โ€ข Indian peacock โ€ข Kookaburra โ€ข Little bustard โ€ข Macaw parrot โ€ข Moorhen โ€ข Palm nut vulture โ€ข Paradise crane โ€ข Parakeet mouse โ€ข Red breasted goose โ€ข Red flamingos โ€ข Senegal parrots โ€ข Southern screamer โ€ข Superb starling โ€ข White naped crane

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Type: Bird sound effects / recordings
Specs: 65+ sounds • 65 files • 705 MB • Not metatagged
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Read the exclusive story behind the sounds in this library in ‘How Jean-Marie Viollet captured great exotic bird sound effects’ here



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