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Home Sound Effects Electromagnetic Field Recordings

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Electromagnetic Field Recordings


– Glitchy and Organic Textures and Gestures

This pack contains a selection of a series of recordings we made while journeying freely through our studio, using a custom microphone we created. We chopped a bunch of single ”motions” and ”gestures” from the recordings, but the main course is the collection of long, evolving and unpredictable takes we got.
Even though everything in this pack can stand on the stage as it is, it also fits every kind of electronic application and manipulation.

Licensor: : Hex Archive Categories: , , .
Type: Glitches sound effects / recordings
Specs: 118 sounds • 118 files • 16 Bit / 44.1kHz • 358 MB • Not metatagged
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Hex Archive is an italian audio production studio based in Venice and Turin, whose goal is to establish a custom and unique generative process around each production we face, always starting from scratch.

Through a series of partnerships with other trusted companies and contractors weโ€™ve built a modular structure that allows us to shape ourselves around each scope and size.


Audio Production Studio founded by Riccardo Salin and Enrico Scatto.