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Elastique Pitch


Realtime Pitchshifting PlugIn version 2!

Elastique Pitch is the real time pitch shifting solution for RTAS, VST, AU and AAX. Powered by zplane’s élastiquePro pitch shifting engine which is used by millions of end users around the world, the plugin ensures the highest, program independent pitch shifting quality.

Elastique Pitch focuses on the essential things: you won’t find any unnecessary or confusing controls or functionality. Instead, the plugin offers you quality, stability, and ease of use.

In the second edition we´ve added a feedback delay and the infiniSTRETCH function of the new élastiquePro v3 engine. Both make it easy to use Elastique Pitch in a more creative way.

The key features of Elastique Pitch V2 are:

• multi channel: support for synchronous pitching of up to 8 audio channels
• real time: no offline pre-analysis required
• feedback with delay for more creative usage
• Three different views
• Program-independent high quality with the highly-acclaimed élastiquePro v3 engine (speech, single-voiced, classical/popular music, etc.)
• phase coherence: absolute phase stability between all channels
• MIDI input: for pitch control
• formant shifting: shift formants independent from pitch
• factory presets: for typical film pull-ups/pull-downs
• AU, VST, AAX and RTAS support for Mac & PC

technical specifications

• audio format: 1-8 channels (I/O), 44.1-192kHz sample rate
• plugin format: AAX, RTAS, AU, VST
• pitch range: ± 12 semitones = 50-200%
• timbre range: ± 12 semitones = 50-200%
• plugin latency: 150ms @48kHz
• min. system CPU: 2GHz
• OS: MacOsX >10.6.8, Windows 2000/XP, Vista, Win7/8
• Host: Pro Tools > V8


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