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Home Sound Effects Eerie Forest

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Eerie Forest

(5 customer reviews)

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Eerie Forest is a collection of subtle ambiences recorded at night in dense forests in the regions of Transylvania and Moldova, Romania over two trips in Spring and Autumn 2017. The library features soft wind, distant hum, vegetation rustles, dogs barking at various distances, church bells tolling, a variety of owl species and other birds like ravens and woodcocks. All these elements are not foreground, but rather washed-out, echoey and atmospheric.

Eerie Forest is not suitable for foreground sound elements as the recordings are very soft and subtle. Make sure you check out the demos before you purchase.


Licensor: : Mindful Audio Categories: , , , , , .
Type: Forest sound effects / recordings
Specs: 30+ sounds • 30 files • 5GB/20 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 154 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Eerie Forest - unsettling soundscapes from weird natural places

The library consists of 30 recordings available as stereo and surround. These recordings make excellent backgrounds for realistic scenarios, but can also be employed to raise tension or create unease. The general tone ranges from mysterious, strange and unsettling to downright desolate, oppressive and gloomy. The birds featured are ubiquitous enough so that they don’t anchor the recordings in a specific location or time. There are no chirps and tweets, just croaks, barks, wails and howls.


Full sound effects list for Eerie Forest:

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5 reviews

  1. Chris Skyes

    I’m always on the lookout for sounds that can alter the mood of any given scene that I work on, and I think Eerie Forest will do the job well.

    The metadata is descriptive and uses the right kind of language, which allows you to know what each file contains before you even audition it.

    Some of my favourite tracks are the ones that contain the church bells and dogs, as they immediately paint a mental picture as soon as the ringing kicks in.

    Would recommend!

  2. John Tenney

    Eerie Forest creates excellent atmosphere: not just “creepy” although it does that well, but for a wide range of exterior scenes. The “density” of sound varies in the different files, which makes it very versatile. I envision layering some of these sounds with sounds from other libraries, to make even more complex and vibrant results, with Eerie Forest providing a great foundation! Very recommended!

  3. Michal

    Excellent, evocative sounds. I love how it pictures space and distance. Many very useful elements for adding life to atmospheres, be it narrative elements or “just” under the skin distant life. Also, many tracks of “forest silence” that have something interesting in them. Will be very useful. Thanks George for those sounds!

  4. Mikkel Nielsen

    Great and very useful set of subtle sounds. Works wonderful for setting a “alone in the dark” kind of mood. You just cant capture this, without being out there for real at night.
    There are some serious weird and eerie noises from wildlife (I hope…) included in the ambience pack, passing by the mic now and then. Well done George @ Mindful Audio

  5. Peter

    Wonderful sounds! I’ve just recently used the Eerie Forest library for a fantasy film mixed in Dolby Atmos and it was truly amazing experiencing these deeply evocative sounds surrounding the ears. So many textures, so many layers, so many possibilities. Hereby warmly recommended!

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