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Echo of Bells Ambisonic and Surround

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Closeup and distant synchronous recordings of cowbells and other typical bells used on animals, in the natural acoustics of a field, surrounded by forests, but without any environmental sounds at all. This type of recording is unique and very difficult to achieve, there is no competing product at the market. Clean direct sound, beautiful early reflections and reverberation in pure silence. Perfect for diegetic animal bells, subtle atmospheric mood elements, scene punctuation elements, abstract metal sound design elements or for game UI sound design. UCS compliant and deeply implemented.

10% of the libraryโ€™s revenue goes to nature preserves and wild animal shelters.


Licensor: : LARX Audio Categories: , , , , .
Type: Cowbell sound effects / recordings
Specs: 426 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • Includes metadata
Approx. 45 minutes total
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Funnily enough, during our team member’s careers in film sound we were often asked by film directors for a sound of a distant cowbell or sheep bell whenever there was a pastoral scene or peaceful landscape even without any cattle on screen. There always was a lack of clean distant cowbell recordings, we decided to fill this gap. As always, we dived into the process with passion for excellence and made a few attempts at different remote locations. The outcome exceeded our own expectations. The resulting sounds, not being a music, are still very emotionally expressive and can add a wide range of subtle emotions to a film scene or a game audio location. Or can be just used as strange reverberant sound design elements. Some of them sound airy and angelic, some haunting and lonely, some just like holiday jingle bells. They are also very good for pitching and speeding down. As with all our libraries, we aim for the extreme sound quality.


  • Recorded in the middle of nowhere in a field, surrounded by forests, on a lonely winter night. The Close perspective was recorded at a distance of 1.5 metres with Nevaton MC50 in 3 channel single point LCR configuration โ€“ this microphone was used in our Northern Europe and Wolves libraries. The Distant perspective โ€“ 50 metres from the source โ€“ was recorded with Nevaton VR first order ambisonic mic โ€“ the most beautiful sounding O1A mic to date. Both mics have extremely low self noise of 4.5 dBA. Recording was done at 24 bit/192kHz. Final masters are delivered at 24bit/96kHz. The Close and Distant perspectives were synchronised in post-production, so you can easily edit and mix them together.
  • The โ€œAmbisonics and Surroundโ€ version was mastered at the monitoring level, calibrated to 79dBC, the full dynamic range of the original recordings left unaltered. We converted the Distant perspective A-Format recordings using Harpex-X plugin into 2 formats: AmbiX first order for VR and Game Audio and spaced 5.0 Surround for a stable surround image in multichannel film and TV applications. If you are interested in higher order AmbiX formats, please contact us, we can provide up to third order AmbiX.
  • The โ€œStereoโ€ version was mastered 6 dB louder for easier use in stereo applications for Web etc. The close LCR was mixed down to XY stereo. The distant A-format was converted with Harpex-X to ORTF stereo โ€“ this format provides the best balance between source localisation and perceived spaciousness of early reflections and reverberation.
  • We used 8 different props: cowbells, a horse bell, crotal bells single and their combinations (see the PDF lists). For each prop we performed several appropriate articulations, mimicking the sound of cowbells caused by animals moving ( sparse sporadical moves, walking, running, jumping) and just single and multiple strokes and even some rhythmic patterns. The total number of articulations is 53, some of them include many consecutive takes, the total number of takes exceeds 400.
    • UCS (Universal Category System) compliant, additional implementation in file names and metadata: Vendor Category for different bells, User Data for Microphone perspective and format. UCS CatID: BELLAnml, UCS Category Full: BELLS-ANIMAL
    • Every audio file has the photo of the corresponding prop embedded into the Soundminer Artwork field to facilitate sorting and searching by Artwork. Photos are also included as jpg files for those who don’t use Soundminer

    • Soundminer, including bells photos in the โ€œArtworkโ€ field
    • BWF, Including BWFDescription
    • Tab delimited text file with all Soundminer fields exported
    • XLSX file with all Soundminer fields exported
    • a folder with photos of the bells as jpg files

    • Echo of Bells Ambisonic and Surround + Stereo
      Included formats: Close LCR, Distant AmbiX O1A, Distant 5.0 Surround, Close XY, Distant ORTF.
      8 props, 53 different articulations, 426 sound takes
      Total duration 45 minutes multiplied by 5 formats. Total size 12.75 GB
    • Echo of Bells Stereo
      Included formats: Close XY, Distant ORTF.
      8 props, 53 different articulations, 426 sound takes
      Total duration 45 minutes multiplied by 2 formats. Total size 3.21 GB

    • Nevaton MC50 large condenser microphone in LCR configuration
    • Nevaton VR large condenser first order ambisonic microphone.
    • 2 Zoom F6 recorders.
    • Harpex-X plugin used for Ambisonics processing.

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    Full sound effects list for Echo of Bells Stereo:

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    Hello, I’m Dmitry Chernov, the founder of LARX Audio. I’m passionate about creating unique libraries of hardly accessible environments and objects at the highest level of excellence of sound recording, mastering, curation, naming and metadata. I’m especially focused on recording uninhabited nature environments and animals. 10% of my sound libraries revenue goes to nature preserves and animal shelters.