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E-Scooter Electric Bike


After carefully strapping some very expensive microphones all over an electric scooter bike, I hit record and set out to capture the highest resolution e-bike recordings on the internet! With all microphones on-board the scooter, I am able to bring you a very hard to get perspective of recording. Since I recorded this with so many different microphones, I am also giving you the ability to highlight different sound focuses: there are mics specifically directed toward the tires and ground to capture that raw grip of the tires against the road, a stereo pair following the bike to capture the debris kicked up by the bike, and finally a set of binaural microphones that capture the feeling of being on the bike from the driver’s perspective, all captured at a stunning 192kHz, 24 bit.

Licensor: : The Chris Alan Categories: , , .
Type: Vehicle sound effects / recordings
Specs: 52 sounds • 52 files • 24 Bit / 192 kHz • 1.38 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 20 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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E-Scooter Electric Bike (Binaural) - Sound Effects Library Demo

The uses of this library are enormous, but a few things I find particularly captivating – Firstly, the pure sounds of the tires meeting the road. Due to such a silent motor, the tire spot mics really get a clean and clear isolation of this hard to capture sound. Normally in an other vehicle, the engine will overpower any recording, even if you have spot mics on the tires. Secondly, the beautiful binaural mics. It really put you right in the action, you can feel the wind on your hair and the gentle hum of the electric motor revving up to speed. Thirdly, and because I captured these recording on-board and at such a high resolution, there really are endless things you can do with this library! The ultra high resolution will help allow extreme pitch tuning and the on-board perspective allows game developers to easily take these recordings to build an interactive working electric bike sound palette inside something like Unity or Wwise. Furthermore, there are many variations of ride conditions under your fingertips to choose from – bumpy ride, speed bumps, clean & smooth, windy, rocky terrain, smooth pavement, and more!

Music is only heard in the demo, not in the actual footage.


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As a sound designer, field recordist and musical artist, The Chris Alan prides himself on a fully-percolated, sonically-polished sound palette. Chris is on an endless hunt for the world’s most unique and highest quality sounds that can be used in any production handsomely. Chris does sound design and production for video games and toys and also spends a lot of his time writing his own compositions with many of the custom sounds he’s captured.