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Home Sound Effects DX64 – VOICE ROM 3

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64 Yamaha DX7 patches from VOICE ROM 3

The DX7 is a synth of near unmatched significance to music history as it essentially defined the sound of music in the 1980s. Being the first affordable digital FM (frequency modulation) synthesizer, it quickly found its way into the arsenals of everyone from hobbyists to superstars alike. The immense potential of FM synthesis stems from its complex algorithms defining how different oscillators can interact, while being very light on computing resources. These made it possible to recreate lots of different acoustic instruments somewhat convincingly but also to create sonic tapestries and sound effects that had been unheard of at the time. Pair this with velocity sensitivity and 16 voice polyphony and you can see that the DX7 made for one seriously capable performance synth.

Throughout its life, the DX7 had several VOICE ROM cartridges released for it which gave users access to new sounds both from Yamaha and third-party sources. For this library, I sampled the VOICE ROM 3 cartridge which contains 64 recreations of band and orchestral instruments. As always, these samples have been sampled meticulously using high-end converters, several samples per octave, and multiple velocity layers where appropriate.

Pack contents

  • 64 multi-sampled patches in multiple formats (see below) consisting of 2,261 individual samples (24 bit / 44.1 kHz, 1.3GB)
    • 1 to 4 velocity layers depending on patch complexity
  • Pre-configured ADSR and legato for .exs patches and MPC Key Groups
  • MPC Expansion

Included formats

  • .exs for Logic Pro Sampler (10.5+), Alchemy, exs24 (legacy), and DecentSampler (via import)
  • .nki for Kontakt (not compatible with free Kontakt Player)
  • MPC 2 Expansion with Keygroup instruments, pre-programmed inserts, and patch previews.
  • .sfz SoundFonts for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 & earlier), UVI Falcon, Kontakt 5 & older, Sforzando, NN-XT, NN-19, Halion Sonic & others
  • .adv for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 Suite or newer)
  • .multisample for Bitwig Studio
  • .korgmultisample for KORG WaveState and ModWave

DX64 / VOICE ROM 3: 64 DX7 patches for your favorite DAW | BØLT

Licensor: : BØLT Category: .
Type: synth sound effects / recordings
Specs: 2261 sounds • 2325 files • 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz • 1.3 GB • Not metatagged
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
R3A-1-flute 1
R3A-4-bright bow
R3A-6-brass trumpet
R3A-8-e piano 1
R3A-9-piano 1
R3A-10-pipes 1
R3A-11-e organ 1
R3A-12-e bass 1
R3A-14-harmonica 1
R3A-15-jazz guit 1
R3A-16-perc synth 1
R3A-17-sax bc
R3A-18-fretless 1
R3A-19-harp 1
R3A-21-heavy metal
R3A-22-steel drums
R3A-23-synth lead 1
R3A-24-voices bc
R3A-25-clav ens
R3A-27-tubular bells
R3A-28-grand prix
R3A-29-referee whistle
R3A-31-brass sample n hold
R3A-32-take off
R3B-1-piano 2
R3B-2-e grand 1
R3B-3-e grand 2
R3B-4-honky tonk
R3B-5-e piano 2
R3B-6-e piano 3
R3B-7-e piano 4
R3B-9-funk clav
R3B-10-clav ens 2
R3B-11-perc clav
R3B-12-harpsichord 2
R3B-13-e organ 2
R3B-14-e organ 3
R3B-15-60-5 organ
R3B-16-pipes 2
R3B-17-pipes 3
R3B-20-toy piano
R3B-22-jazz guit 2
R3B-24-spanish guit
R3B-25-folk guit
R3B-28-classical guit
R3B-29-harp 2
R3B-30-e bass 2
R3B-31-fretless 2
R3B-32-pluck bass


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Hi there! I’m Chris, aka. BØLT. I’ve been recording sounds of all kinds since I was 11 years old and my passion for all things audio has only gotten stronger since then.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been making waves in the music producer community with the dozens of sample libraries I created that have been downloaded over 10,000 times around the globe. Now expanding my focus towards sound design for linear and interactive media, I’m channeling nearly 20 years of recording experience into creating SFX libraries ranging from source to designed that will help you elevate your projects.

My playable libraries have become known for featuring an exhaustive array of sampler, DAW, and hardware patch formats alongside a very affordable price tag; Making these sounds accessible to large group of creatives.