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Home Sound Effects Crowds & Applause: Small to Medium

Crowds & Applause: Small to Medium


This library features crowds from 4 to 800 people. The highlight surely is very rare to come by recordings from inside a cinema (crowd chatting, leaving, afterparty, cueing, and clapping for the movie at the premiere). But with this library, you get lots of interior and exterior recordings of applause (in churches, at concerts, performances & press conferences.
Also, there is quite a lot of walla. Mostly in German language, there is also lots of indistinct talking that can be placed in any background.

Most of these recordings were performed with a matched pair of Earthworks QTC50 on a stand in ab configuration, so they have a very nice stereo image and no movement during the takes.

Some recordings feature hard to recreate crowd sounds like laughing, or camera clicking (motors) at a press confrerence, clearing throats, children applauding or playing or multiple feet walking. There is also a recording of a theatre / opera rehearsal on stage (no singing).

I had planned a bigger crowds library, but due to Corona, my recordings in music stadiums & at sporting events got canceled. If If I record and release them at a later point, you will get them at a discount when you bought this library. I thought I release it anyway, as many editors can’t record crowd atmos and loop group atm.

Licensor: Sound of Essen
Category: .
Type: Human sound effects / recordings
Specs: 85 files • 85 sounds • 24 Bit / 48 kHz & 24 Bit / 192 kHz • 6.24 GB • Includes metadata
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Sound of Essen started in 2017 as an official project for the European Green Capital 2017. 12 selected places from the rivers Ruhr and Emscher in Essen were introduced via sound. I offer free downloads of atmos, animals, machinery, vessels and many more along pictures, texts and maps of my trips in Essen. In 2018 the blog continued with the project Assindia X, a 10 year recording project in Essen, also supported by the city of Essen. In addition, I will continue to feature soundscapes of places and events in Essen and even offer libraries for sale with sounds from my hometown.