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Home Sound Effects Crowds and Streets in Tokyo

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Crowds and Streets in Tokyo

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Every area in Tokyo has a unique landscape and distinguishing atmospheres.
Because of it being a metropolitan city, once you step into one of the alleys, skyscrapers defuse the traffic sound which then becomes city rumbles and only delivers distant trains and distant traffics.

And on the contrary, main streets are always busy with traffics and pedestrians.

This time, we captured crowds and streets from many locations in Tokyo.
Crowds in TOKYO features Japanese crowds (walla) such as in authentic izakaya bars, cafes, train stations, and on shopping streets, fish market streets and more.
And STREETS in TOKYO features busy traffics on highways, main streets, distant traffic from alleys and city rumble and more.
GEARs: sennheiserMKH8040s, lineaudioCM3s, lomaudioUSIPRO, ZOOM F8

Licensor: Anti-Node Design
Categories: , , , , , , , .
Type: Tokyo sound effects / recordings
Specs: 133 files • 133+ sounds • 24bit / 96kHz • 19.47 GB • Includes metadata
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