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Home Sound Effects Crepitus



A very lean library made to offer a quick go-to sound set for designers who need the natural popping, snapping, and cracking sounds of human joints. Update: Now comes with 3x more sounds than before!

Licensor: Eiravaein Works LLC
Categories: , .
Type: Knuckle cracking sound effects / recordings
Specs: 117 files • 200+ sounds • 96 kHz / 24 bit • 105 MB • Includes metadata
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Bone popping, snapping, and cracking goodness.  This light library is born out of one of the most visceral sounds that the human brain can recognize in a dichotomous manner.  Either it provides that relaxing cathartic release that makes one instantly feel better and more alert, or it evokes shivers of discomfort and revulsion.  Both are awesome!  So we made a library of them.  It contains the euphoric nitrogen release from both small and large joints, singular pops and dense series of cracks, deep snaps to light cricks, and the internal rubbing and grinding of a plethora of body parts.   Play the sample if you dare!  If you’re one of the shivering folk, you’ve been warned.

Full sound list for Crepitus:

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Download [62.24 KB]


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Eiravaein Works LLC is the product of years working, studying, and traveling over the globe to gain new perspectives on sound, soundscapes, cognition, human communication, and sensory perception.  With facets of cognitive science, semiotics, international relations, and audio engineering, our approach to sound design and auditory development is diverse and unique.  We strive to capture sounds that are rich in meaning, off the well-worn path, and outside of the everyday user’s collection.  All audio offered from Eiravaein Works is 100% originally sourced in the field (…possibly in a field).