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Creepy Toy Piano


TH Studio present our first product in our CREEPY HORROR SFX series, featuring a deeply-sampled acoustic Toy Piano, captured with a stereo of large-diaphragm Neumann microphones. Are you scared?  If not, just listen this toy piano: It’s a universal horror instrument for your scary music tracks, Inspired from the new big Trailers on Hollywood horror movies. Features 4 layers of dynamics, it’s a 360MB uncompressed Kontakt Instrument in 24 bit / 96 Khz. The samples can also be accessed as regular .wav files without Kontakt.

Licensor: TH Studio Production
Categories: , .
Type: Piano sound effects / recordings
Specs: 89 files • 89 sounds • 24 / 96 • Not metatagged • 360 MB
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
1.PIANO TOY A#10-01 (0:03)
2.PIANO TOY A#10-02 (0:03)
3.PIANO TOY A#10-03 (0:04)
4.PIANO TOY A#21-1 (0:05)
5.PIANO TOY A#21-2 (0:05)
6.PIANO TOY A#21-3 (0:09)
7.PIANO TOY A20-1 (0:04)
8.PIANO TOY A20-2 (0:04)
9.PIANO TOY A20-3 (0:06)
10.PIANO TOY A9-01 (0:03)
11.PIANO TOY A9-02 (0:03)
12.PIANO TOY A9-03 (0:04)
13.PIANO TOY A9-04 (0:04)
14.PIANO TOY C#12-01 (0:04)
15.PIANO TOY C#12-02 (0:05)
16.PIANO TOY C#12-03 (0:04)
17.PIANO TOY C#12-04 (0:06)
18.PIANO TOY C#2-01 (0:04)
19.PIANO TOY C#2-02 (0:04)
20.PIANO TOY C#2-03 (0:03)
21.PIANO TOY C#2-04 (0:05)
22.PIANO TOY C1-01 (0:04)
23.PIANO TOY C1-02 (0:04)
24.PIANO TOY C1-03 (0:06)
25.PIANO TOY C23-1 (0:03)
26.PIANO TOY C23-2 (0:05)
27.PIANO TOY C23-3 (0:04)
28.PIANO TOY D#14-1 (0:04)
29.PIANO TOY D#14-2 (0:04)
30.PIANO TOY D#14-3 (0:05)
31.PIANO TOY D#14-4 (0:05)
32.PIANO TOY D#4-01 (0:04)
33.PIANO TOY D#4-02 (0:03)
34.PIANO TOY D#4-03 (0:03)
35.PIANO TOY D#4-04 (0:06)
36.PIANO TOY D13-01 (0:05)
37.PIANO TOY D13-02 (0:04)
38.PIANO TOY D13-03 (0:05)
39.PIANO TOY D13-04 (0:07)
40.PIANO TOY D3-01 (0:04)
41.PIANO TOY D3-02 (0:03)
42.PIANO TOY D3-03 (0:04)
43.PIANO TOY D3-04 (0:05)
44.PIANO TOY E15-1 (0:05)
45.PIANO TOY E15-2 (0:05)
46.PIANO TOY E15-3 (0:06)
47.PIANO TOY E15-4 (0:06)
48.PIANO TOY E4-01 (0:04)
49.PIANO TOY E4-02 (0:03)
50.PIANO TOY E4-03 (0:03)
51.PIANO TOY E4-04 (0:06)
52.PIANO TOY F#17-1 (0:04)
53.PIANO TOY F#17-2 (0:04)
54.PIANO TOY F#17-3 (0:06)
55.PIANO TOY F#6-01 (0:05)
56.PIANO TOY F#6-02 (0:04)
57.PIANO TOY F#6-03 (0:06)
58.PIANO TOY F#6-04 (0:05)
59.PIANO TOY F16-1 (0:04)
60.PIANO TOY F16-2 (0:05)
61.PIANO TOY F16-3 (0:04)
62.PIANO TOY F16-4 (0:05)
63.PIANO TOY F5-01 (0:04)
64.PIANO TOY F5-02 (0:04)
65.PIANO TOY F5-03 (0:03)
66.PIANO TOY F5-04 (0:06)
67.PIANO TOY G#19-1 (0:05)
68.PIANO TOY G#19-2 (0:05)
69.PIANO TOY G#19-3 (0:04)
70.PIANO TOY G#19-4 (0:05)
71.PIANO TOY G#8-01 (0:03)
72.PIANO TOY G#8-02 (0:04)
73.PIANO TOY G#8-03 (0:04)
74.PIANO TOY G#8-04 (0:05)
75.PIANO TOY G18-1 (0:04)
76.PIANO TOY G18-2 (0:04)
77.PIANO TOY G18-3 (0:04)
78.PIANO TOY G18-4 (0:05)
79.PIANO TOY G7-01 (0:04)
80.PIANO TOY G7-02 (0:04)
81.PIANO TOY G7-03 (0:04)
82.PIANO TOY G7-04 (0:05)
83.PIANO TOY H11-01 (0:03)
84.PIANO TOY H11-02 (0:02)
85.PIANO TOY H11-03 (0:03)
86.PIANO TOY H11-04 (0:04)
87.PIANO TOY H22-1 (0:05)
88.PIANO TOY H22-2 (0:05)
89.PIANO TOY H22-3 (0:06)


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TH Studio Production is music and sounds designs company  based in Bulgaria . We strive to provide highly usable sounds for games, film, television, entertainment and the web that can easily be added as layers or quickly become a final asset. We are always looking for the highest quality of sounds .


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