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Home Sound Effects Creepy Contrabass

Creepy Contrabass


The Creepy Contrabass SFXs Instrument: A Big collection of Creepy SFXs live Contrabass, recorded from 3 mic positions with a Neumann U87. This is the best Contrabass collection for your horror trailer tracks, recorded by Vesislava Todorova.

Features 427MB uncompressed content, 180 sounds in 24 bit / 96 kHz. Includes 2 instruments for the FULL Kontakt version 5.8.1 and the AIFF Version.

Vesislava Todorova is a performing and recording artist from Bulgaria, with more than 10 Years of experience playing cello for various projects such as movies, video games, commercials and now the brand new Creepy Contrabass SFX Library from TH Studio Production.

Along with her live performances, she also has a strong online presence with over 7 million views her covers and original music.


2 Instruments for FULL KONTAKT 5.8.1

AIFF Version

Licensor: TH Studio Production
Categories: , , , , , .
Type: Contrabass Sound Effects sound effects / recordings
Specs: 180 files • 180 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 427 MB
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
Creepy Contrabass-01.aif
Creepy Contrabass-02.aif
Creepy Contrabass-03.aif
Creepy Contrabass-04.aif
Creepy Contrabass-05.aif
Creepy Contrabass-06.aif
Creepy Contrabass-07.aif
Creepy Contrabass-08.aif
Creepy Contrabass-09.aif
Creepy Contrabass-10.aif
Creepy Contrabass-11.aif
Creepy Contrabass-12.aif
Creepy Contrabass-13.aif
Creepy Contrabass-14.aif
Creepy Contrabass-15.aif
Creepy Contrabass-16.aif
Creepy Contrabass-17.aif
Creepy Contrabass-18.aif
Creepy Contrabass-19.aif
Creepy Contrabass-20.aif
Creepy Contrabass-21.aif
Creepy Contrabass-22.aif
Creepy Contrabass-23.aif
Creepy Contrabass-24.aif
Creepy Contrabass-25.aif
Creepy Contrabass-26.aif
Creepy Contrabass-27.aif
Creepy Contrabass-28.aif
Creepy Contrabass-29.aif
Creepy Contrabass-30.aif
Creepy Contrabass-31.aif
Creepy Contrabass-32.aif
Creepy Contrabass-33.aif
Creepy Contrabass-34.aif
Creepy Contrabass-35.aif
Creepy Contrabass-36.aif
Creepy Contrabass-37.aif
Creepy Contrabass-38.aif
Creepy Contrabass-39.aif
Creepy Contrabass-40.aif
Creepy Contrabass-41.aif
Creepy Contrabass-42.aif
Creepy Contrabass-43.aif
Creepy Contrabass-44.aif
Creepy Contrabass-45.aif
Creepy Contrabass-46.aif
Creepy Contrabass-47.aif
Creepy Contrabass-48.aif
Creepy Contrabass-49.aif
Creepy Contrabass-50.aif
Creepy Contrabass-51.aif
Creepy Contrabass-52.aif
Creepy Contrabass-53.aif
Creepy Contrabass-54.aif
Creepy Contrabass-55.aif
Creepy Contrabass-56.aif
Creepy Contrabass-57.aif
Creepy Contrabass-58.aif
Creepy Contrabass-59.aif
Creepy Contrabass-60.aif
Creepy Contrabass-61.aif
Creepy Contrabass-62.aif
Creepy Contrabass-63.aif
Creepy Contrabass-64.aif
Creepy Contrabass-65.aif
Creepy Contrabass-66.aif
Creepy Contrabass-67.aif
Creepy Contrabass-68.aif
Creepy Contrabass-69.aif
Creepy Contrabass-70.aif
Creepy Contrabass-71.aif
Creepy Contrabass-72.aif
Creepy Contrabass-73.aif
Creepy Contrabass-74.aif
Creepy Contrabass-75.aif
Creepy Contrabass-76.aif
Creepy Contrabass-77.aif
Creepy Contrabass-78.aif
Creepy Contrabass-79.aif
Creepy Contrabass-80.aif
Creepy Contrabass-81.aif
Creepy Contrabass-82.aif
Creepy Contrabass-83.aif
Creepy Contrabass-84.aif
Creepy Contrabass-85.aif
Creepy Contrabass-87.aif
Creepy Contrabass-88.aif
Creepy Contrabass-89.aif
Creepy Contrabass-90.aif


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