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Home Sound Effects Creaking – Ropes, Cables, Wires

Creaking – Ropes, Cables, Wires


Over 375 sounds of creaking materials, including breaking cables, ropes under tension and about to split, wires and strings under stress, metal friction causing tension. Recorded with a combination of Sanken CO100K and Nevaton microphones for full frequency sound content. Saved as 192KHz these files allow for high resolution editing. Useful for impact sounds in cinema, games or documentary, but also for cartoon sounds or even creature sounds as many of the recordings contain vowel-like screeching and scraping.

Imagine a scene where a rope is about to break over an edge, an object being torn by a huge cable, a wooden structure about to collapse under stress and so on… Our brain is triggered by those rattling sounds or spine-breaking cracks coming from little fibers being split apart, parts of the structure creaking, wires scraping over edges…

These sounds can be perceived as delicate but have a great psychological impact as we interpret these and know what is about to happen. So suspense is built with both background and close-up sounds. Useful when building tension, when creating a sense of upcoming climax, these sonic elements will work out to amplify the details that are often important but not always visible for the eye.

All the source material and recording are acoustic, there are no digital effects applied. This guarantees natural organic harmonics, even way beyond our hearing. Pitching down the 192 KHz files will let you discover another collection of sounds!

You can find the following libraries in this collection >

Push & Pull, Heavy Weight, Acoustic Low Frequency Movements
Push Pull Heavy Weight

Screeching, Squeaking, Scraping Old Objects
Screeching, Squeaking, Scraping Old Objects

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Type: Creaking sound effects / recordings
Specs: 377+ sounds • 24 Bit / 192 kHz • 2,13 Gb • Includes metadata
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Useful Sound Effects focuses on the practical side of sound effects. That means that themes are oriented towards use in documentary, film, game or any other supplemental medium. This approach is a result of experiencing the need for sounds and the difficulty of finding adequate results that are up to expectations of users or clients.

There is a subjective but very interesting line between what you want to hear, what you expect to hear, and what you actually hear. Often sounds are illustrative for something that happens on a screen and the viewer needs to be guided by that sound. It is a psychological element that drives our senses and emotions. So indeed, sound can manipulate the viewer into a certain direction, chosen by the director.

So the focus is on the USE of sound, that is were the name came from USE > Useful Sound Effects.

The USE libraries are made with acoustic recordings, field recordings, synthesis, hybrid mixing, low noise omni microphones, silent cardioid microphones, contact microphones, ultrasound microphone (Sanken CO-100K), Zoom and Sound Devices recorders, a custom binaural head, edited and mixed in Reaper, including Native Instruments Komplete 12 ultimate, Izotope Ozone 9, RX etc.