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Cosmic Charges

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Introducing “COSMIC CHARGES,” an innovative sound effects library meticulously developed by Matteo Milani at U.S.O.‘s headquarters. This collection represents a major advancement in our commitment to crafting distinctive audio assets that that reinvent our approach to sound design. “COSMIC CHARGES” uniquely specializes in tonal blasts and impacts, each thoughtfully created from the ground up to ensure unmatched creativity and originality in your projects.

Designed to enrich a variety of media, such as video games, films, TV series, and more, each sound in “COSMIC CHARGES” integrates musical elements, providing a unique sonic identity that can intensify emotional resonance, enhance dynamics, and add richness to your works.

Discover the features of “COSMIC CHARGES”:

  1. Organic and Synthetic Fusion: Experience a unique blend of real recordings and synthesized sounds, offering a versatile palette for cutting-edge sound design.
  2. Electric Guitar and Percussion Elements: Created in collaboration with proficient musicians, these components add genuine, vibrant energy to your projects.
  3. Customizable Layers: Each sound is available in both a full stereo mix and isolated tracks, providing quick and extensive customization options.
  4. Infinite Headroom: 32-bit float BWF to ensure your sounds remain pristine without any risk of clipping.
  5. UCS Metadata:ย the definitive metadata standard we’ve embraced for seamless integration and organization in your workflow.

Licensor: : Unidentified Sound Object Categories: , , , , .
Type: Tonal explosion sound effects / recordings
Specs: 79-570 sounds • 570 files • 32 Bit / 192 kHz • Includes metadata
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License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout


Choose the version of COSMIC CHARGES that fits your needs:

  • Essential Edition (192kHz, 32-bit): Handmade sounds forged by layering guitars, percussion, and synthesized sounds are the heart of the collection.
    • 79 sound files, size 850 MB (each one lasting 5 seconds)
  • Gold Edition (192kHz, 32-bit): Elevate your sound compositions with the same elements as the Essential Edition, but with a twist of randomness: the source files are meticulously have been recombined from live performance sessions in Radium, the integrated sampler within Soundminer. We created dozen of derivative sound effects for you.
    • 114 sound files, size 949 MB (each one lasting 5 seconds)
    • Essential edition included
  • Deluxe Edition (192kHz, 32-bit): Experience the ultimate sound immersion with the Deluxe Edition. Alongside the treasures from the Essential and Gold editions, the Deluxe Edition offers a deep dive into our creative process. Gain total control with the included Pro Tools and Reaper sessions to easily mix and match five separate stems. Furthermore, get access to the original Radium patch and the source files for infinite fun and countless variations. Explore, and redefine your sound narrative with the saved random controls. An exclusive folder of Rack Presets is also available to further transform and make your performance in Radium unique (once installed, the presets will also be available in Soundminer main window).
    • Pro Tools Session, size 4.77 GB
    • Reaper Session, size 4.77 GB
    • Stems 01, 02, 03, 04, 05: 570 sound files, size 4.77 GB (single wav files, each one lasting 5 seconds)
    • Cosmic_Charges_patch.ra88 (Radium Patch) & Cosmic_Charges_patch.radium (Radium Preset): the ready-to-play Radium file with its 5 layers: Guitars, Percussions, Subsonics, Sustains and Transients: long source files with embedded Radium Markers
    • Rack Presets: to install this folder on macOS, just copy it into your User library (not the Main library) = ~/Library/Application Support/SoundminerV6. For Windows users = c:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\SoundminerV6
    • Essential and Gold edition included



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