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Contacts & Hydrophones


Several years in the making, and packed with 62 unusual sounding tracks, this sfx library includes very different sounds, captured with contact microphones and a hydrophone:

Sources include:

• Water flow and rushes
• Aquarium pipes and pumps (industrial size)
• Sewers
• Underwater bubbles
• A Ship’s hull
• Underwater busy harbour life, ferry propeller passes
• Micro film machine playing, rewinding and fast forward
• Radiator bubbles and water flow
• Model train passes and drones
• Dishwasher doing the dishes

Included are both 48K and 96K samples. Many long takes of most of the tracks included, and a lot of diversity. Perfect for stretching and for adding a weird tone to your tracks. 2.8 GB, with all tracks metadata-tagged and named.

Licensor: SonicSalute
Category: .
Type: Hydrophone water sound effects / recordings
Specs: 62 files • 62+ sounds • 24 Bit / 96 & 48 kHz • 2.8 GB
Approx. 135 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
1.Contact Aquarium Bubbles Inside Large Glass Container (1:05)
2.Contact Aquarium Bubbles Inside Large Glass Container 2 (0:50)
3.Contact Aquarium Bubbles Inside Large Glass Container 3 (2:06)
4.Contact Aquarium Pipes Bright Bubbles And Water Rushing (2:17)
5.Contact Aquarium Pipes Bubbles And Water Suction (2:44)
6.Contact Aquarium Pipes Gentle Water Into Sewer (0:46)
7.Contact Aquarium Pipes Water Flow Bright Howling (2:27)
8.Contact Aquarium Pipes Water Flow Scream Like (0:50)
9.Contact Aquarium Pipes Water Rushing (2:11)
10.Contact Aquarium Pipes Water Rushing 2 (1:17)
11.Contact Aquarium Pipes Water Rushing 3 (1:17)
12.Contact Aquarium Pipes Water Rushing 4 (1:58)
13.Contact Aquarium Plastic Cylinder Water Bubbles (1:29)
14.Contact Aquarium Pump (1:25)
15.Contact Aquarium Pump Deep Water Flow (2:26)
16.Contact Aquarium Pump Large Cylinder (3:11)
17.Contact Aquarium Pump Large Cylinder Deep Tone (3:04)
18.Contact Aquarium Pump Near Flourescent Lamp (1:14)
19.Contact Aquarium Pump Near Flourescent Lamp Loud Buzz (2:23)
20.Contact Aquarium Pump Water Flow (0:52)
21.Contact Aquarium Pump Water Flow 2 (3:06)
22.Contact Aquarium Pump Water Flow 3 (1:45)
23.Contact Aquarium Pump Water Flow Bright (1:56)
24.Contact Aquarium Sewer (2:03)
25.Contact Dishwasher Starting And Washing (19:01)
26.Contact Dishwasher Washing (2:58)
27.Contact Dishwasher Washing Deep Rumble (1:28)
28.Contact Micro Film Machine Play And Stop (0:10)
29.Contact Micro Film Machine Play Stop Rewind (0:08)
30.Contact Micro Film Machine Play Stop Rewind 2 (0:37)
31.Contact Micro Film Machine Playing And Forwarding (0:39)
32.Contact Micro Film Machine Playing Stopping Rewinding (0:32)
33.Contact Micro Film Machine Rewinding (0:13)
34.Contact Micro Film Machine Rewinding 2 (0:20)
35.Contact Micro Film Machine Start Up And Shut Down (0:26)
36.Contact Micro Film Machine Start Up And Shut Down Different Perspective (0:09)
37.Contact Micro Film Machine Start Up Zoom And Play (1:03)
38.Contact Micro Film Machine Zoom And Slow Play (0:51)
39.Contact Micro Film Machine Zoom And Slow Play 2 (1:23)
40.Contact Model Train Driving Drone (9:56)
41.Contact Model Train Driving Passing (1:35)
42.Contact Radiator Air Bubbles (2:58)
43.Hydrophone Constant Glass Like Bubbles On Plastic Box (0:57)
44.Hydrophone Constant Glass Like Bubbles On Plastic Box 2 (0:54)
45.Hydrophone Harbour Ferry Passing (5:52)
46.Hydrophone Night Harbour Gentle Waves Lapping (7:04)
47.Hydrophone Night Harbour Water And Weird Snorts (2:01)
48.Hydrophone Night Harbour Water Flow Machinery Glass Chime (2:05)
49.Hydrophone Ship Hull Ferry Passing (5:07)
50.Hydrophone Ship Hull Hitting On Pipes (1:38)
51.Hydrophone Ship Hull Loud Rubber Screeches (2:22)
52.Hydrophone Ship Hull Loud Screeches Ships Passing (5:50)
53.Hydrophone Ship Hull Pipes Hitting And Rubber Screeches (2:09)
54.Hydrophone Ship Hull Small Boat Idling (2:02)
55.Hydrophone Ship Hull Water And Weird Clicks (2:32)
56.Hydrophone Swimming pool Nails Scrabing (0:35)
57.Hydrophone Swimming pool Nails Scrabing 2 (0:08)
58.Hydrophone Underwater Bright Glass Like Bubbles On Plastic Box (0:57)
59.Hydrophone Underwater Bright Glass Like Bubbles On Plastic Box 2 (0:54)
60.Hydrophone Underwater Bubbling On Plastic Box (0:44)
61.Hydrophone Underwater Heavy Air Bubbling On Plastic Box (1:52)
62.Hydrophone Underwater Heavy Air Bursts Bubbling On plastic Box (0:35)


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Sonic Salute is constantly striving to find new and unique sources to record, and make a big effort in getting in touch with the right people to get permission to get the recordings right.

The goal is to provide sound designers and editors with hard-to-get, quality sound effects and ambiences for their projects.

Sonic Salute’s libraries are recorded and edited in 96K / 24 bit. The delivery format is .wav stereo LR ,and or Mono/MS format, for versatility.

Each sound in the libraries has been carefully named and tagged for easy search in Soundminer etc.

Sonic Salute libraries have been packed in zip format. This means a smaller package to download, and at the same time, no compromises are made to the audio quality.