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Home Sound Effects Command Center I

Command Center I


Orbital Emitter is proud to present Command Center I – a comprehensive sci-fi sound-set providing a rich arsenal of futuristic sounds for you to quickly build believable sci-fi atmospheres for all of your sci-fi projects! Inside you will find nuanced environments, futuristic instrument displays, multiple alerts and imaginative lo-fi system sounds. And like the rest of our growing library, this environment sound-set can be customized to your liking allowing multiple possibilities -all from this one sound-set!

Our sound-sets are made up of two main folders labeled as Audio-Scenes and Audio-Stems. The Command Center I Audio-Scenes consist of five long playing scenes representing this star-cruiser command center in various modes of operation; -From busy to calm to high alert and more. Think of these audio-scenes like we dropped microphones into a futuristic space cruiser command center and have captured all of its sounds in real-time!

Our Audio-Stems folder contains the curated sound elements used in creating the audio-scenes. This is where you will find isolated sound elements like tactical scans, lost communications, sweeping sensors, enemy alerts, interface sounds, probe telemetries, stellar mapping, systems under incredible stress and interface sounds and much much more!

Also included with our audio-stems are less glamorous necessities like room tones and back-wall system sounds to give your futuristic environments the nuance they deserve. This sound-set is delivered industry ready at 24 bit/48kHz WAV and each sound file contains simple meta-data to make our sound files easy to organize & find. All of our sounds are 100% original, created in our sound-labs and designed to boldly explore the universe of sci-fi sound!

Thank you for reading! Watch for more from Orbital Emitter coming soon!

Licensor: Orbital Emitter
Categories: , , , .
Type: sound effects sound effects / recordings
Specs: 28 files • 43 sounds • 24 Bit / 48 kHz • 504 MB • Includes metadata
Approx. 28 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Command Center I Sound-Set Names


Command Center I – 01 – Peak Hour – High Activity 2:56

Command Center I – 02 – Routine Operations – Moderate Activity 2:56

Command Center I – 03 – Skeleton Crew – Night Shift Activity 2:56

Command Center I – 04 – High Alert Status – Building Tension – Cataclysm Imminent 1:07

Command Center I – 05 – High Alert Scene, Damaged Systems Reactivate 1:03


Command Center I – 06 – Tactical Displays at Alert Status – STEMS 1:27

Command Center I – 07 – Command Systems Reactivating – STEMS 1:33

Command Center I – 08 – Room Tone – Loud Ventilation – STEM 1:30

Command Center I – 09 – Room Tone – Low End Rumble – Subdued Presence – STEM 1:30

Command Center I – 10 – Background Atmosphere – Systems Active – STEM :43

Command Center I – 11 – Stellar Cartography Station Mapping Star System – STEM 1:00

Command Center I – 12 – Probe Telemetry – STEM :35

Command Center I – 13 – Communications Static – STEM :27

Command Center I – 14 – Navigation Station Plotting Course Changes – STEM :35

Command Center I – 15 – Short Range Sensors – STEM :58

Command Center I – 16 – Deep Space Sensors – STEM :36

Command Center I – 17 – Detection Systems – STEM :30

Command Center I – 18 – Energy Readings – STEM :24

Command Center I – 19 – Science Scanners Online – STEM :27

Command Center I – 20 – Tactical Scanners – STEM :51

Command Center I – 21 – Damaged Systems Wheezing – STEM :38

Command Center I – 22 – Damage Report Alert – STEM :38

Command Center I – 23 – Multiple Console Alerts in Unison – STEM :19

Command Center I – 24 – Tactical Alert – Small Console – STEMS :34

Command Center I – 25 – Proximity Alert – Small Console – STEM :23

Command Center I – 26 – Twinkle Display Bursts – STEM :36

Command Center I – 27 – Target Alerts – STEM :23

Command Center I – 28 – Beeps Interfaces and Switch – STEMS :21


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Orbital Emitter is an independent sound design collective based in New York City founded by award winning veteran video editor and life long sci-fi nerd, Charlie Eisenhardt.
Charlie comes from a musical background and spent years twisting knobs and programming synthesizers while learning audio production at various recording studios around New York City. When he moved to editing tv shows and :30 second tv spots, he incorporated his audio sensibilities into all his projects. And it wasn’t long before his love for audio collided with his love of sci-fi…
Charlie started Orbital Emitter to produce unique, diverse and imaginative science fiction sound effects based on genre-based themes commonly found in sci-fi multimedia. In other words, if your production has to sound design the interior of a large space cruiser, what would be some of the common sound environments found in such a vessel? The script might call for a command center, maybe a hangar bay, a medical department as well as cargo areas and more. Charlie’s vision as Orbital Emitter is to create cohesive sound-sets representing those environments as well as other exciting subjects and themes found in sci-fi!
Taking inspiration from decades of pop culture sci-fi, the sky is the limit with our sound-sets. If there is a niche to explore, then we are probably already sound designing it!
And we approach our sound design around the simple premise that great sound supports great ideas and we strive to make our sci-fi sounds feel real. All of our sounds should seem like they were recorded in the future and brought back to the now -with the grit and integrity of today’s real world sounds.
One of our main goals is to help creative people teleport their audiences to the stars and beyond with our specialized, fun to use sound-sets!

We hope you will enjoy using our sounds in your productions and please watch for more titles to be released soon!