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Home Sound Effects Cinematic Short Impacts

Cinematic Short Impacts


CINEMATIC SHORT IMPACTSย is a selection of 22 stereo 24bit/48khz powerful impacts sounds with a cinematic taste for your trailers and video productions.

All sounds are on-shot and very short, ready to be easily arranged on the timeline or inside a sample player to make a drum kit.

Licensor: : SoundFxWizard Categories: , .
Type: Impact sound effects / recordings
Specs: 22 sounds • 22 files • 24 bit / 48 kHz • 17.5 MB • Not metatagged
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
1.SFXW005 CSI Metal Hit (0:01)
2.SFXW005 CSI Military Bullet (0:02)
3.SFXW005 CSI Military Cannon (0:05)
4.SFXW005 CSI Military Rifle (0:04)
5.SFXW005 CSI Percussive Cinematic run (0:01)
6.SFXW005 CSI Percussive Double Hit
7.SFXW005 CSI Rocking hit (0:01)
8.SFXW005 CSI Sci-fi Blast (0:03)
9.SFXW005 CSI Sci-fi Braaam (0:04)
10.SFXW005 CSI Sci-fi Drop (0:04)
11.SFXW005 CSI Sci-fi Liquid powerdown (0:06)
12.SFXW005 CSI Sci-fi Robot fail (0:02)
13.SFXW005 CSI Sci-fi Stretch (0:04)
14.SFXW005 CSI Slam 01 (0:01)
15.SFXW005 CSI Slam 02 (0:01)
16.SFXW005 CSI Slam 03 (0:03)
17.SFXW005 CSI Slam 04 (0:03)
18.SFXW005 CSI Stomper 01 (0:02)
19.SFXW005 CSI Stomper 02 (0:04)
20.SFXW005 CSI Stomper 03
21.SFXW005 CSI Sub Boom (0:05)
22.SFXW005 CSI Sub Stuttered drop (0:07)


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SoundFxWizard provides royalty-free sound effects for Audio Post Facilities, sound designers, sound editors, filmmakers and sound artists. All Sfx are recorded and produced by Italian sound designer Giorgio Riolo