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Home Sound Effects Cinematic Drones & Backgrounds

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Cinematic Drones & Backgrounds

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'Cinematic Drones & Backgrounds' by Cinematic Sound Design delivers a collection of background ambiences in high-definition 24-Bit quality and embedded with Soundminer metadata. Whether it's a scene of a Sci-fi, thriller, crime film or game, these quality backing tracks will add an unique flavour to your media products & capture the viewer's attention.

Licensor: Cinematic Sound Design
Categories: , .
Type: Ambiences sound effects / recordings
Specs: 65 files • 40 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 Khz • 1.6 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 44 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
Abstract Interface Background (0:28)
Abstract Mystery Background (0:42)
Abstract Technology Dark And Reverse Slaps (0:43)
Abstract Technology Noise Background (0:43)
Abstract Wind Background (0:37)
Cinematic Alien World (0:43)
Cinematic Background Frogs And Insects.wav
Cinematic Background Hums (0:38)
Cinematic Background Scratches (0:43)
Cinematic Horror Background (0:43)
Cinematic Hum Background (0:43)
Cinematic Industrial Horror (0:43)
Crime Scene Thrill (0:19)
Dark Ambience Glitch (1:20)
Dark Crime Scene Background (0:11)
Dark Futuristic Inner Background (1:20)
Dark Horror Field Background (1:29)
Dark Lowend Background (0:23)
Dark Psycho Sci Fi Background (0:19)
Deep Hypnosis Background (0:25)
Electrical Interferences Background (0:36)
Evolving Pulsator Background (0:20)
Fat Drone Background (0:38)
Film And Game Background (0:22)
Futuristic Hud Whooshes (0:43)
Futuristic Sci Fi Thin Psycho (0:10)
Glitched Drones Background (0:51)
Glitched Waves Background (0:37)
Hum Background (0:40)
Industrial Background (0:40)
Inner Space Background (0:57)
Inner Space Brushes Background (0:08)
Inner Space Technology Scratches Background (0:26)
Mystery Interferences Background (1:00)
Psycho Background Whooshes (0:46)
Psycho Crime Scene Background (0:54)
Psycho Drone Frequencies Background (0:54)
Psycho Drone Interferences Background (0:47)
Psycho Thriller Background (0:51)
Quiet Technology Interferences Background (0:32)
Quiet Whistle Background (0:29)
Radio Frequencies Glitch Background (0:18)
Resonant Hum Background (0:41)
Resonant Psycho Drones Background (1:05)
Resonant Technology Space Background.wav
Robotic Syren Background (0:10)
Rough Machinery Background (0:15)
Sci-Fi Interior Cinematic Drone Background (0:21)
Sci-Fi Interior Rough Tech Background (0:10)
Sharp Thriller Background (0:55)
Technology Ambience Glitch (1:20)
Technology Beep Background (0:27)
Technology Glitch Reverb Background (0:15)
Technology Hum Glitch Delay Background (0:15)
Technology Hum Sci Fi Background (0:43)
Technology Noise Ambience (1:20)
Technology Radio Frequency Ambience (1:20)
Technology Sci Fi Background Noise (0:30)
Thriller Frequencies Background (0:56)
Total Glitched Readout (0:43)
Urban Alarm Background (0:16)
Urban Future Background (0:19)
Urban Insect Background (1:28)
Urban Psycho Whistle (1:24)
Whistle Insect Ambience (1:36)


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