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Home Sound Effects Church Bells from 30 Countries

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Church Bells from 30 Countries

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In 1979, bells from more than 100 countries were brought together for a communist event which had the purpose to promote world peace.
Kids from most countries gathered for the occasion bringing along with them bells from each of their respective country.
A monument was built for this occasion which is still standing nowadays, situated in the suburb of Sofia.
This monument encompasses what is known to be the largest drum instrument in the world, as it contains hundreds of bells from all over the world.
We meticulously recorded each of those bells.
We were blessed to get clean close sounds of these bells with some variations, isolated takes but also sequence of ringing.
In this library. you’ll find a selection of 30 of these countries which have bells that have “church-like” sonic characteristics.

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Licensor: Articulated Sounds
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Type: Bell sound effects / recordings
Specs: 34 files • 34 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 735 MB • Includes metadata
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