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Cassette Deck


Cassette Deck is a set of sounds collected from a small group of analog cassette players. It’s filled with great mechanical buttons and switches, latches, a few motors at different speeds, and multiple microphones/perspectives per take. Great if you’re building some mechanical interfaces!

Licensor: : Dynamic Interference Categories: , .
Type: Mechanical sound effects / recordings
Specs: 324 sounds • 91 files • 24-Bit / 192kHz • 2.3 GB • Includes metadata
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This collection is comprised of sounds recorded from three portable cassette decks: the RadioShack CTR-120, Marantz PMD-222, and a Sony TCM-121. The library includes all of the transport controls, each deck in operation (play and fast-forward/rewind), and tray opens and closes. There are some great click sounds in here, perfect for designing analog interface sounds and latching mechanisms!

Each sound was recorded from multiple perspectives with different microphones. Microphones used include the Neumann TLM103 and U87, AudioTechnica AT4050 and Earthworks QTC-30. Note that the Earthworks has an extended frequency response. It also has a tiny capsule.. which is great for fitting the mic inside an open tray while a deck is in operation. That turned out some really detailed motor recordings that take advantage of the high sample rates of these recordings!
โ€ข 2.3GB
โ€ข 91 Files containing 324 individual sounds, all recorded and delivered at 24/192
โ€ข Metadata embedded and Soundminer ready
โ€ข Full track listing and metadata can be viewed by downloading this tab-delimited text file (load into any spreadsheet software such as MS Excel or Open Office Calc)


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