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Cars – SUVs & VANS


Buckle up and hold on tight for a huge collection of big wheelers including Hummer H3, Porsche Cayenne, Hyundai H1, Landrover Defender, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Mitsubishi Outlander, VW Caddy – and there’s more on the list.

Each of these cars comes with detailed individual mechanical characteristics. We used our super-quiet test track in South Africa to deliver the most clean and bright recordings to push your projects to the optimum.

We combined long takes of multi-channel car engine sounds and drive-bys with a comprehensive collection of interior handling sounds such as indicators, ventilation, pedal break, seatbelt and whatever you can think of. Of course, all files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible.

Our sound designers covered the entire range of possible car sounds.

Licensor: : BOOM Library Categories: , , .
Type: Car sound effects / recordings
Specs: 1700+ sounds • 23+ GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

After our first CAR sound effects library “EVERYDAY CARS”, we’re launching the second release of our popular CARS series: the mighty “SUVs & VANS” are rolling in!

What’s included:
• Hummer H3 I5 3.7 (2007) – gasoline
• Porsche Cayenne V6 3.6 (2011) – gasoline
• Landrover Defender 2.4 TDI (2007) – diesel
• Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3.5 TDI (2011) – diesel
• Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 (2008) – gasoline
• Toyota Landcruizer 3.0 TDI (2011) – diesel
• Volvo XC60 5I 2,5 TDI (2011) – diesel
• Hyundayi H1 2.4 (2011) – gasoline
• VW Caddy 1.6 (2011) – gasoline
• Our promise: great and pristine SFX with a great collection of detailed files and metadata. Take a listen and hear for yourself.


Full sound list for Cars – SUVs & VANS:

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The BOOM Library is part of DYNAMEDION, Europe’s biggest game audio studio. Our sound designers worked on great games like

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The BOOM Library prides itself on providing high-end, ultimate sound effects for all media and audio professionals. Our products have this specific edge you will not find anywhere else: Every collection comes with a 96 KHz high definition, huge source library of our original recordings + a great variety of designed SFX, ready to use. All BOOM Library products are royalty free – which means you get unlimited synch rights with every purchase.

When producing a new BOOM SFX Library, we put all our sound design expertise into the production process to ensure top quality and instant usability. Not only for game projects but for any project that needs to be boosted with a set of great SFX.

BOOM SFX have been used in great projects such as:

• THOR – The Dark World
• SIN CITY: A Dame To Kill For
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• The Hobbit – The Desolation Of Smaug (Online Trailer)
• Prometheus (Trailer)
• Disney’s John Carter
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Our mission is to provide top notch sound effects and source recordings in high definition. All treated with great Sound Miner metadata, fast to use, easy to access and epic sounding: BOOM!