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Home Sound Effects Buttons + Mono Machines

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Buttons + Mono Machines

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This sound effect library from JordanFehrFX gets you more than 900 button and equipment sounds, captured by Jordan Fehr. Sound effects include buttons, switches, clicks, latches, clasps, bags, zippers, wild foley, machines, ambiences, cases, and more!

It also comes with a special bonus library by game audio guru Damian Kastbauer, featuring more than 70 minutes of mono machine recordings and ambiences.

Buttons Library Key Features:

• 16 minutes of audio @ 48khz/24bit Mono
• 46 Files
• 144 MB
• 900+ performances

Licensor: Jordan Fehr FX
Categories: , .
Type: Click and button sound effects / recordings
Specs: 74 files • 900+ sounds • 24/16 bit 48/44 kHz • 540 MB
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here

JFFX-04 Buttons, Gear, & Equipment

This collection of sounds from JordanFehrFX was recorded at 48k/24bit in mono for use in post-production as SFX/Foley source. It was recorded with a Rode NTG-3 and Schoeps CMC5-+MK4 microphones through a Tascam DR-100 or a MOTU 828 interface. Movies and games often require UI/Interface sounds that come from an organic/haptic sound source like real buttons.

That was the beginning of this library.

I also found that often times there is either no time to record sync Foley or no visuals (in the case of games) to sync to, and that wild Foley for gear and equipment can be a very useful thing to have around. With so many war/police/sci-fi games and films around, this collection should have a wide range of use to boost your existing library.

Note: Each file contains a number of performances, for a total of more than 900 sounds.

BUTTON 01 Old Switch hollow x11.wav
BUTTON 02 Old Switch hollow x11.wav
BUTTON 03 Cassette player single presses x21.wav
BUTTON 04 dial moves x11.wav
BUTTON 04 single clicks x11.wav
BUTTON 05 Small Dials x15.wav
BUTTON 06 ver1 Small x7.wav
BUTTON 06 ver2 Small x7.wav
BUTTON 07 Dial turns small ratchet x10.wav
BUTTON 08 small hollow toggle x19.wav
BUTTON 09 Switch Click Tiny x17.wav
BUTTON 10 ver1 Switch Toggle Button Metal x15.wav
BUTTON 10 ver2 Faster Switch Toggle Button Metal x8.wav
BUTTON 11 small switch metal x14.wav
BUTTON 12 small hollow switch metal plastic x21.wav
BUTTON 13 power switch plastic x24.wav
BUTTON 14 power switch metal toggle x21.wav
BUTTON 15 plastic arcade sanwa hard version various speeds x26.wav
BUTTON 15 plastic arcade sanwa multi press various.wav
BUTTON 15 plastic arcade sanwa soft version x28.wav
BUTTON 16 power switch plastic slide x10.wav
BUTTON 17 Microswitch Joystick Moves various.wav
BUTTON 17 Microswitch single clicks x9.wav
BUTTON EQUIP Knife switchblade clasps locks x11.wav
BUTTON EQUIP Slide Clasp metal umbrella mechanism zip x13.wav
EQUIP Cables creaks rubber squeeze x5.wav
EQUIP Cartridge Disc moves plug unplug plastic foley.wav
EQUIP Cartridge rattles moves x4.wav
EQUIP Lid Knob Twist Turn small delicate wild foley x5.wav
EQUIP Slide clasp switch small x9.wav
GEAR Bag 01 Drop Throw Land x5.wav
GEAR Bag 01 Shakes Moves x4.wav
GEAR Bag 01 Zippers x8.wav
GEAR Bag 02 Throw Drop Fall Hit jingles x9.wav
GEAR Bag 02 Zippers various.wav
GEAR Bag 03 drops x10.wav
GEAR Bag 03 foley moves for steps.wav
GEAR Bag 03 latches clasps button clicks x12.wav
GEAR Bag 03 straps rope pulls slides.wav
GEAR Bag 03 zippers x9.wav
GEAR Case 01 Drop Throw Land x2.wav
GEAR Case 01 Latches x13.wav
GEAR LATCH Clasp open close small button click x14.wav
WILD EQUIP small object 2 rattles moves.wav
WILD EQUIP small objects rattles moves.wav
WILD EQUIP Wrist Watch metal clasps moves high pitch.wav




BONUS: Also comes with Mono Machines from Damian Kastbauer

Damian Kastbauer is a voodoo wizard of audio implementation for video games. He approached me with an old collection of mono recordings of machines that had been sitting in the back of his HDDs for years, and wanted to get it out into the world.

They are presented with light editing, and with some new file descriptions added. In mono, at 44k/16bit, and are perfect for placing on 3D objects in a game space, or using as mono material to build a fuller ambient track with for a film. MONO MACHINE AMBIENCES is a nice addition to this bundle pack!

Mono Machines Key Features:

• 396 MB
• 28 Files
• 44.1k/16bit Mono

01 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, fan, rumble, rattle, low.wav
02 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, fan, high, thin, air, jet, accelerate, decelerate, varispeed.wav
03 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, fan, high, air, jet.wav
04 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, fan, high, thin, air, jet.wav
05 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, hollow, pipe, air, low rumble.wav
06 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, fan, high, thin, air, jet, sharp.wav
07 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, fan, high, thin, air, jet, sharp.wav
08 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, sharp, hydraulic, tone.wav
09 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, air, med, generic, fan.wav
10 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, roomtone, med, fan.wav
11 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, roomtone, med, fan, rattles.wav
12 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, sharp, high, whine.wav
13 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, whine, many fans, complex, jet.wav
14 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, hollow, fan, eerie, space, roomtone.wav
17 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, whine, fan, hollow, pulsating low.wav
18 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, fan, high, thin, air, jet.wav
19 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, fan, high, air, jet, loud.wav
20 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, sharp, high, whine.wav
21 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, sharp, jet, air, rattles.wav
22 MACHINE, mono, ambience, BG, soft, fan, computer, air.wav
23 MACHINE, mono, engine, sputter, hiss, turn off.wav
24 MACHINE, mono, big, rattles, turn on, off, wild SFX.wav
25 MACHINE, mono, hydraulics, long.wav – forklift.wav
26 MACHINE, mono, hydraulics, short bursts.wav – forklift.wav
27 MACHINE, mono, big metal impacts x3.wav
28 MACHINE, mono, big, metal, latches, switches.wav – forklift.wav
29 MACHINE, mono, turn on sequence, activate, rattles, metal, big.wav – forklift.wav
WILD TRACK 3mins Damian journeys through the machine room.wav


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JordanFehrFX is the product line of Jordan Fehr, freelance sound designer for games and film. They are libraries of source recordings from a sound designer, to other sound designers.

Libraries are presented with single user licenses at rates of 48khz & 96khz / 24bit WAV files. Contact the seller for Multi-User Licenses. They feature descriptive file names, Pro Tools compatible metadata, spreadsheet metadata and tab delimited text-file metadata, for any importing needs.