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Home Sound Effects Burkina Faso Sounds

Burkina Faso Sounds


This library with sounds from Burkina Faso, Africa features authentic ambiences, wallas, FX and traditional songs.

Licensor: Labarba
Categories: , , .
Type: African sound effects / recordings
Specs: 99 files • 99 sounds • 16bit/48kHz • 1.79 GB
Approx. 178 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Recordings from my trip to Burkina Faso to shoot a video for OXFAM INTERMON. In the library you will find ambiences, wallas, FX and traditional songs. All the sounds were recorded with a M/S stero pair of Schoeps CMIT + MK8 into a SD744T. esides this some ambiences were also recorded with a spaced stereo pair of DPA´s 4060 for a bigger sound.


LB001 BURKINA FASO SOUNDS comes in RAW M/S undecoded files and /or Stereo decoded M/S.

You have three different kinds of libraries:
Free Audio library with a few samples of the whole collection.
Stereo Audio library containing all the audio files decoded from the MS Raw file format.
MS & ST Complete Audio library: It includes all the files in MS format and the ST files decoded. It also includes 19 Amb files recorded simultaneously with a DPA 4060 pair (SPACED OMNIS ST format)

– all of the above are included in the library you can buy here on A Sound Effect.


Full sound effects list for Burkina Faso Sounds:

View sound list

Download [1.00 MB]


You can hear the use of this library here

All files contains metadata ready for the usual SFX software such as Soundminer or Snapper


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Labarba is run by Rubén Durán

Rubén is a sound recordist and designer, living in Madrid, Spain, focused in commercials and small productions but always ready for a trip or exciting projects where find new sounds to be recorded or created.

Furry Sounds (his blog) goal is to share libraries as well free sounds with the sound community.