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Home Sound Effects Bundle: Magic Elements vol.1+2

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Bundle: Magic Elements vol.1+2


Here is the complete ultimate Magic bundle!
In this bundle, you get both volumes of the acclaimed Magic Elements library:
Magic Element vol.1
+ Magic Elements vol.2.

Tune Up your wizardry with top-notch sound from and for the next-gen sound designers!

DESIGNED: (1,098 sounds)
the bundle comprises a total of 11 designed elements:
Earth, Ice, Fire, Air, Black, Energy, Liquid, Foliage, White, Cartoon/Anime, and Generic

SOURCE: (1,110‬ sounds)
The source folder is packed with useful sounds that cover a large spectrum; thoroughly edited and meta-tagged. They will support your creativity with materials such as choirs, dissonant metal, creatures, papers, debris, drones, cracks, textures, friction, LFE sub sweeteners,…

Choose how you want your sounds!

• GLUED (Multiple variations of the same sound glued in one file)

• SEPARATED (Each variations of sound are separated in different files)

Licensor: : Articulated Sounds Categories: , , , .
Type: Magic Elements sound effects / recordings
Specs: 2208 sounds • 10+ GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Magic Elements vol 1 Sound Effects Library - Launch Trailer

Magic Elements vol 2 Sound Effects Library - Launch Trailer


Full sound effects list for Magic Elements vol.1:

View sound list



Full sound effects list for Magic Elements vol.2:

View sound list



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Articulated Sounds crafts unique sound effects libraries.


We go to great lengths all over the world
pursuing the collection of unique and rare sounds
carefully edited and thoroughly conditioned.